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Is your Sports Bra being GOOD to you?
In spite of looking such a simple bit of garments, sports bras can get entirely confused. There are styles that stretch around your busts like a hugely flexible, frequently marked as a 'uni-boob', styles that are outlined with breathable textures, styles with work, styles with soft straps that cross, styles...
Innovative Growth of Indian Lingerie
To say outwardly, Lingerie has made some amazing progress, from being a story that ought to be kept covered up, to an audacious proclamation of opportunity and advancement. What's more, the buy of lingerie or undergarments has experienced an ocean of progress, as well. Gone are the days when...
Not all is Beige…Nude bras speak the Women of Color
For ladies of shading, finding the correct nude shaded anything is frequently less demanding said some. Regardless of whether it be lipstick, hosiery, or a bodycon dress, unbiased shades can be the hardest to match to your skin — particularly for ladies with more profound skin tones. Skin or...
Mysterious B-Truth about Underwired Bras
THE INTENSITY OF THE UNDERWIRE BRA AND WHAT IT'S FOR We've all known about the expression, "underwire" yet a large number of us don't really comprehend the power that this kind of bra genuinely conveys to our chests. They're a prevalent decision of bra, for some, unique reasons. Nonetheless, with...
Plus Size Beauty
While it's a blessing that we have finally started accepting that some people are simply larger than others (and that doesn't make them any less than anyone else), body-shaming is something that still exists, and unfortunately seems to be embedded in our society irrespective of caste, creed, sex or...
Bridal Gown
One of the most puzzling aspects of the wedding attire puzzle can be what undergarment to wear with your beautiful gown. You want something comfy but pretty, hidden and flattering. There are a dozens of choices for bridal lingerie — the trick is finding a great bra that will balance...
bra guide
Choosing bra for perfect look is a handy skill for those who wish to wear more  non traditionally designed garments while retaining a certain appearance. One major concern is how to keep a bra unseen underneath clothing. Finding a suitably designed bra in one’s size may seldom prove difficult. In...
Whether you’re wearing it for your partner or underneath a hulking sweater and pants to the office, lingerie can make us feel empowered and sexy. But the act of lingerie shopping is seldom discussed. There’s a certain level of self-consciousness and pressure women feel when making such an intimate...
Gift for your Girl
You know that your girl definitely loves gifts. And you know that you are the one who is looked for... When it comes to gifting your girl something, it should always be something that is as beautiful as her. . Understand her needs, her body, her emotions and decide upon her lovely needs. Understand her fully and you will have a greater knowing on what to gift!
Showoff your bras
If you are not valiant enough to bare your chest you can consider showing off your bra. You do not have to make it seem unintentional. You need to slot it in style. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for showing off your bra : 1. Make sure it fits When you...

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A romantic getaway to the sun-kissed sands of the Maldives, scenic beaches, and a dreamy escape from reality, honeymoon vacays are a world apart. Not often do you get to spend such lone time with your partner as this one though. Well, can we turn these picture-perfect moments into...

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