How To Choose Perfect Lingerie For Your Body Type

Modern Rules of Lingerie

Modern Rules of Lingerie


The purpose of wearing lingerie has changed over the years. Earlier bras and panties were worn to give only support. These days lingerie has become the foundation garment to any apparel. For any lingerie type fitting has become an important factor unlike earlier. Hence, wearing lingerie for your body type is important. The demand for both functional and luxurious lingerie has gone up in recent years. It is important to know the rules of modern-day lingerie to buy lingerie for your body type to use with its full benefits.

Know your lingerie preferences

Since it is essential to buy lingerie for your body type you have to be retrospective of your previous lingerie experiences while planning to buy lingerie. Put yourself first before everything else. Learn about your body type. There are various types of body shapes that you might already know of. Here is a quick recap.

Know your body

Buy lingerie for the rectangle body type


If you have straight or ruler body you have a waistline size that almost equals your bust and hip size. Your shoulders width measures the same as your hips. You have a small bust size and flat bum. It is very easy to pick lingerie for a rectangle body shape. As an extra perk, you can wear layered tops, tiered skirts with no hesitation. Pick lingerie with padding which will volume up your curves.

Triangle body shape

If you have a triangle body which means wider hips and a smaller bust. The shoulder is narrower than your hips. And you will have slender arms. Your defined waist is a plus for you. You are plumper down from the waist. Pushup bras, corsets are good options for the pear-shaped body as it will balance out your curves.


An hourglass shape denotes that your weight distribution is almost equal. Your body is well proportioned. Your shoulder and hip measure the same. You have a well-defined waist which is narrower than your shoulder and hips. It forms a natural hourglass frame.  Wear lingerie that brings attention to your slim and structured waist. Suspender belts, high leg panty, high waist strappy panties, long line strappy bras will do. You can also add bralettes, corsets, bustier, garter, garter belts in your shopping list.

Inverted triangle body shape

If you have an apple-shaped body your shoulders are wide and you have a fuller and bigger bust. You have a big bosom and rounded shoulder. You have a full torso and your waist is not well defined. You have your body mass distributed in the midsection and at your back make you plumpy in the middle. Bodysuits, teddies that will slim out your waist are good options. A lacy baby doll with layers around the waist will balance out your lower part with the rest of your body. A great way to conceal your broader waist is to wear a negligee with your lingerie sets.

Pick your bras based on your bust type

Wide-set breasts:

Close-set breasts:

Why colors are important while buying lingerie?

Most of the Indian women buy white bras and dark undies as they pay the least attention to what they wear inside. And most of us don’t give importance to lingerie color as these things are not discussed in open. Usually, people choose white undergarments. You can’t wear a white bra under white apparel as it would show off through your outfit. Rather you can go with the skin-colored bra.

Pick your bra based on your outfit

You should wear bras based on your outfit. A seamless bra is always a good option to wear with any apparel as the seams won’t show off. A T-shirt bra is better suited for almost all the apparel like kurtas, tunics, tops, and clingy dresses. The padded cups give a smooth appearance. An underwired bra can give you added support and a beautiful shape. It gives a natural lift. You can wear it with your ethnic dresses like long line kurtas, Anarkali, lehengas, and sarees. A pushup bra is the best option if you want that extra lift, fuller busts, and sexy silhouette. Wear plunge bras with your low neckline party wear dresses. A padded plunge bra will enhance the size and shape of your curves.

Throw away the old lingerie

It is a thumb rule that you replace your lingerie every 6 months once. But this depends on the quality of the bra and frequency of usage. It turns out that you might want to change your everyday bras much earlier as you use them daily. The chances are higher for the band to lose its elasticity and the cups do not fit anymore due to wear and tear. Luxury lingerie lasts for longer than your regular lingerie. It is better to get the proper fit and size as they are expensive and you can use them for a couple of years down the line.

Do your wardrobe a regular check for basic lingerie.

Make sure that you have enough basic bras, panties, camisoles, in neutral colors stocked up. This depends on your need and personal choices. It is always good to wear a form-fitting garment. You are doing many physical activities that involve twisting, turning, leaning, bending. These activities can put stress on your skin, breast tissue, and back muscles. Wearing lingerie will not only cut this stress but also will give you chafe-free comfort

Don’t hesitate to try on new and trendy lingerie

It turns out that all the lace, silk, satin, and mesh in the world have better use which is for the making of luxury lingerie. Lace embellished balconette bras, ultra-modern bralettes can add style to your attire. Experiment on sensual lingerie sets, sheer thongs, and exotic babydolls. Experimenting with luxury lingerie is not only fun but also makes you feel sexier.

Last but not least, the shapewear lingerie

your lingerie wardrobe is incomplete without shapewear these days. Shapewear helps to shape your body and brings dramatic transformation. A sleek figure is the result of shapewear unless it is of regular workouts. The shapewear smoothens out any unwanted bulges. You can wear shapewear not only on special occasions but also to work. Few must have shapewear basics include shaping camisoles, waist cincher. Going further won’t hurt when you get high waist panties and butt shapewear briefs. Back support shapers, aids to shape your body and give a smooth and elegant appearance.


Good lingerie should give extraordinary support and a great fit on your body. Buy lingerie according to your body type for a proper fit to avoid lingerie malfunction. Choose bras according to your bust type for better fitting and everlasting comfort. Make sure that you have your basic lingerie needs covered while planning to buy lingerie. Choose your lingerie color to avoid embarrassment. Also color plays a big role when it comes to sexy lingerie like babydolls and lingerie sets which can set the right mood. Shapewear can give you a toned and sleek appearance. They can make formals, western party wear, and ethnic apparel look fabulous on you.


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