Difference between Front Open and Nursing Bra

Shyaway Blog – How is front open bra different from Nursing Bra

Shyaway Blog – How is front open bra different from Nursing Bra

Both front open and nursing bras serve different purposes, however, many women think both bras are the same. Well, it is not. They might look the same as they both have a front clasp, but it has a lot more features that you are unaware of. Get a chance to discover the difference between a front open and a nursing bra through our blog.

What Is a Front Open Bra?

      What is Front Open Bra?

As the name suggests, the front open bra consists of a clasp at the front, between your breasts. Front open bras are designed for women with mobility and shoulder issues who are unable to fasten their hook at the back. These front open bras are comfortable and easy to use. Regardless of the fashion apparel, it saves you from clasping your hook at the back. 

Benefits of Front Hook Bra

     Benefits Of Front Open Bra

  • Front hooks are easier to put on.
  • They give you more wardrobe options.
  • Front closure bras can provide you with a smooth silhouette back. 
  • Front open bras are suitable for women with mobility and shoulder issues.
  • You have so many styles in the front open bra.
  • Front open can also be used as a nursing bra.

What Is a Nursing Bra?

 What is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing Bras are also known as feeding and maternity bras, which is specifically designed for nursing and pregnant women. Nursing bras are designed in a way to allow breastfeeding mothers to feed their babies without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Nursing bras can make your feeding hassle-free. Holding your baby in one hand and unfastening your hook might be frustrating. In order to make your nursing easier, Nursing bras come with two front open buttons or hooks. 

Benefits of Nursing Bras

  • Nursing bras can make your nursing easier.
  • It has leak-proof cups and additional layers to absorb the leakage.
  • Nursing bras come with broad straps with separate hooks and eye closure. 
  • These bras also come in different fabrics and styles. 
  • Nursing bras also come with and without padding. 
  • Nursing bras are also known as breastfeeding bras, maternity bras and pregnancy bras.

 Benefits OF Nursing Bra

Difference between the Front Open and Nursing Bra

Front Open BraNursing Bra 
Purpose Helps to remove the bra easily For easy nursing 
Features Unique style, front clasp, supportive side panel, dig-free strapsBroad strap, nursing clasp, extra hook and eye, leak-proof cups.
Fabric Cotton, lace, mesh, spandex, and polyamideCotton, spandex, polyamide
Padding PaddedPadded and removable padding
Wiring WiredWired 
Coverage3/4th coverage 3/4th coverage and full coverage 
ClaspFront Clasp Front clasp 
Suitable for Every woman  Pregnant women

The difference between a front open and a nursing bra is significant. Some women prefer front open bras over nursing as it comes in a variety of styles while you may find nursing bras boring. But nursing bras have a lot more features to offer than a front open bra. We won’t suggest you one bra over another, because having both a front open bra and a nursing bra in your wardrobe will be helpful. 

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