Bra Guide for First Bra | What Type of Bra Should

Teenager’s Bra Guide for First Bra: What Age Should a Girl Wear a Bra?

Teenager’s Bra Guide for First Bra: What Age Should a Girl Wear a Bra?

Bra guide for first bra – It can be exciting and equally awkward. Throughout their lifetime women undergo a lot of bodily changes. It’s all about accepting your body and getting used to who you are. Getting your first bra can be challenging and can be a big task. Your friends might have already gotten theirs and you think you also need one but you are not sure how to select the right kind of bra for a teenager or you don’t even know if you are totally ready for it. We are here to help you out in getting your first bra with a teenager’s bra guide.

How Do You Know You Are Ready for a Bra?

Physical changes in Puberty for Girls

  • Your bodies start to undergo a lot of physical changes including your breasts, you can find a small lump under your nipple area which is known as nipple bud. Whenever you wear a dress, it might be visible through your dress which might make you feel embarrassed, then it’s time to get your first bra.
  • Most changes in your breasts occur when you are about to hit puberty. Adults can experience stomach aches, body pain, and regular periods, etc. But in teens, you cannot be sure whether they had their menstruation or not. But that is the beginning stage of the menstrual cycle. This can be the perfect time to buy your first bra.
  • Each body type is different, so some girls may start to notice the development of breasts early. So when you find your breasts growing, it would be awkward to wear body-hugging outfits. If so, then its time to get your first bra.

What Age Should You Wear a Bra?

Once you start noticing these changes in your body, you can buy your first bra. But everybody’s type is different. Some girls may have started noticing their bodily changes immediately and some might have a skinny body type and cannot see much of a difference in their body so it might be confusing when to get your first bra. So it is always suggested to get your first bra at the age of 13 if you are not sure whether you are ready or not.

It is common for girls to feel shy or embarrassed to talk about breasts, bra, puberty, etc., as they are completely new to all of them. Some girls might already be familiar with these topics and understand them better. Some might not know their importance of them. It is the parent’s responsibility to explain how all these are common but important. Explain to them about how wearing a bra at the right age is necessary and how can it be effective.

So now that you know how important wearing a bra can be then in order to buy the first bra you need to measure your breasts as there are various sizes of bras available. Once you know your breast size then you are all set for your first bra shopping.

But when you are starting you need to know what type of bra can be best for your body type. We have listed down 4 different types of bras every teenager should own that are must-haves if you are just starting with your bra journey.

Our teen bra guide for first bra can help to choose the right kind of bra for teenagers.

1. Training Bra 

Teenage Girls Training Bra

If your breasts are just developing then you can choose training bras. They are made of soft and lightweight material to make the newbies feel less uncomfortable. In teenagers, the breast buds would just be in the development stage and wouldn’t be large enough to fit a standardized bra. Training bras have little coverage and no lining in order to conceal the prominent nipples and breast buds. It is specially designed for the girls to be worn during puberty when their breasts are not fully developed. There is a wide range of training bras available in different sizes, colors, patterns, etc. Some training bras also come with padding to provide volume giving a more mature look.

2. Underwire Bra

Underwire Bras for Teenagers

Underwire bras are chosen especially for teenagers with fuller breasts. They are also suitable for older teens. An underwire bra is a bra that has a thin U-shaped wired material sewn inside the fabric and each cup of the bras. The wired material is usually metal or plastic. The wires are fixed in a way that they go under the armpit, the wires should perfectly fit under the crease of your breasts otherwise they might cause discomfort. The underwire bras help lift up your breasts by separating them providing shape and support.

3. Softcup bra

Softcup Bras for Teenage Girls

If you are new to wearing a bra it can be really uncomfortable to wear something all of a sudden. So if you need a bra that can make you feel good without any discomfort then soft cup bras are perfect. So if you are wondering which bra is suitable for teenagers? Then soft cup bras can be the right kind of bra for teenagers as they are wire-free and fit your breasts without changing their shape and they are usually made of thick fabric to make you look and feel comfortable.

4. Sports Bra

Sports Bra for Teenager

A sports bra can be perfect not only if you are involved in sports, but also if you are a teenager with tender breasts. Sports bras are the bras that are commonly suggested to teenagers with newly developing breasts. Sports bras are designed with wider and sturdier straps to provide support. It also come with a padded option in case you want to provide extra support to your breasts. They are made of stretchy material in order to provide comfort and confidence while playing any sports or during any activity so that you can fully concentrate on the activity without getting distracted about your breast movements.

Bra Guide For First Bra FAQs

1. What Is the Perfect Bra Size for a 14-Year-Old?

A 14 years old girl’s bust size won’t remain the same because their breasts keep growing, and parts of her body are still developing. So it is better to opt for a teenage/beginner’s bra that provides comfort and coverage during growing years. However, 32B and 34C are considered as the average sizes for this age.

2. What Kind of Bras Should 12-Year-Olds Wear?

12-year-old girls can wear a training or sports bra or soft cup bra, or underwire bra as they can offer comfort, coverage, support. The underwire bra’s U-shaped wire helps support developing breasts. A sports bra can prevent the bust from bouncing when girls are involved in physical activities. Training bra can be worn during school days. A soft-cup bra makes you look and feel comfortable.

3. When Should My Daughter Start Wearing a Bra?

The average age for a girl to begin wearing a bra is 11. It may vary from one girl to another because some girls require to wear a bra at the age of 8 and some girls don’t need to wear a bra even at the age of 14. It depends on the stage of breast growth. When your daughter notices breast buds starting to grow, you can buy her a bra.

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