9 Different Padded Bra Colors & Types Of Fabrics f

The Top 9 Different Padded Bra Colors & Fabrics for Navratri

The Top 9 Different Padded Bra Colors & Fabrics for Navratri

Navratri is a festival that is celebrated for 9 nights every year. It is an auspicious festival that is celebrated popularly in Maharashtra and Gujarat. In the east and northeastern parts of India, Navratri is celebrated as Durga Puja. It is a festival that symbolizes the victory of goddess Durga over evil Mahishasura. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Navratri is colors. Each day is represented by each color and that defines the 9 different forms of Goddess Durga. It is moreover seen as a celebration of women. Each day women wear different colors to celebrate Navratri. Along with the right outfit, it is important to wear the right padded bra to go with Navratri outfits

Shyaway has a wide variety of padded bra Navratri collection. We have listed 9 different padded bra colors for Navratri

Day 1- GreyGrey Padded bra For this Navratri

Grey is the first color of the day and it represents Goddess Kalaratri. She is one of the most ferocious incarnations of Goddess Durga. She is known for her strength and removing the darkness from our lives. It is a color that represents a sense of calmness in the universe. This color also indicates maturity, hence grey color is a great way to start any celebration. Grey padded bra is another great way to complete your look as it helps enhance your breasts and to flaunt your outfit beautifully. If you want fuller and firmer breasts to complement your outfit, you must pick our grey padded bra. 

Day 2- Orange            Navratri with Orange Padded Bra

Orange is a color that is meant for celebration. It plays a major role in celebrating Navratri. The color orange is full of energy, happiness, and cheerfulness. It is perfect for any celebration as it can instantly light up the environment. This day is dedicated to the goddess  Shailaputri. On this day, your long-time wishes and desires are fulfilled with her blessings. If you are opting for the color orange on this day, it is very important that your bra goes with it perfectly. Only then you can get the complete look of fulfillment and joyous. Shyaway’s orange padded bras come in different styles. Pick the one that suits your outfit best. 

Day 3- White           White Padded Bra This Navratri

White color indicates calmness. This day and color are dedicated to the goddess Brahmacharini. She is another incarnation of the goddess Durga and white is considered to be her most favorite color, hence she represents peace and purity. White is denoted as an auspicious color and can brighten up the whole day. It is a perfect color for celebration and helps maintain calmness and composure in our minds. Mostly with whites, it is the best option to go with white innerwear as other colors might look obvious through the dresses. On this auspicious day, get a white padded bra from Shyaway as it helps accomplish the perfect white goddess look. Our white padded bras are designed to provide extreme comfort and support and hence allows you to celebrate without any discomfort.

Day 4- RedRed Padded Bra To go with Navratri dress This season

On the 4th day, people choose to wear red as it indicates bravery and boldness. This day is dedicated to the Goddess Chandraghanta as her favorite color is considered to be red. She is another ferocious incarnation of the goddess Durga. She protects her devotees and keeps them away from obstacles and hurdles. On this day, it is important to wear the color red in order to honor Goddess Chandraghanta. Red saree or a red kurta can perfectly go with the day. Shop our red padded bra from Shyaway in order to complete the outlook. Our red padded bras also come in different sizes and patterns, hence can suit any body type. Shyaway’s red padded bras are a must-have for this Navaratri. Get them right away!

Day 5- Blue    Blue Padded bra to wear with traditional dress this Navratri

The 5th day of Navratri majorly concentrates on the health, wealth, and of the devotees. This day is specially dedicated to the goddess Navadurga. She destroyed the evil with her power and calmness. She makes sure to provide the best for her devotees, hence people wear royal blue on this day in order to honor the goddess Navadurga. Pick your favorite blue outfit and complete the look with Shyaway’s blue padded bra. One of the major problems faced while wearing traditional or luxurious outfits during festival times is the irritation and discomfort. Our blue padded bras are designed with comfortable and skin-friendly material and help prevent rashes and redness. Grab your favorite pair of blue padded bras right away from Shyaway!

Day 6- Yellow    Yellow Padded Bra to go with traditional dress this navratri

Yellow is a color of happiness and prosperity. This day is dedicated to the goddess Skandamata. On this day, devotees decorate the temples, and houses with yellow flowers to instantly bring the celebration vibe. People believe the goddess Skandamata is known to bring brightness and fulfillment in people’s lives. Yellow is a color that is best known for celebration but Shyaway’s yellow padded bra is the only way to achieve the perfect ‘devotee of Skandamata’ look. For fuller and firmer breasts you must opt for our yellow padded bra. It helps you achieve a bigger and seamless look. Get Shyaway’s yellow padded bra right away for this Navratri.

Day 7- Green   Green Padded bra For this navratri Traditional Outfit

Green is an auspicious choice when it comes to celebration. On the 7th day of Navratri, green is chosen by many devotees. This day is dedicated to the goddess Katyayani. She is believed to provide fulfillment in the marriage life of women. This day is also known to bring growth and harmony in the world. Green is a color that can suit any skin color and hence get ready to flaunt your green saree or kurta on this auspicious day. But everything can go wrong if the wrong innerwear is chosen. Get Shyaway’s green padded bra now as it can go perfectly with the dress. It can make your breasts appear fuller and provide a smooth and seamless result.

Day 8-  Peacock Green   peacock green Padded Bra For navratri outfit

This auspicious day is dedicated to the goddess Siddhidhatri and peacock green is considered to be her favorite color. She is known to protect her devotees and bless them with fortune and prosperity in people’s lives. Peacock is considered to be a unique and beautiful color. If you do not have a peacock-colored dress and if you wish to buy one, then this is the perfect occasion to get in. But it is equally important to wear the right color bra, hence get peacock green padded bra right away. If you want it plain or embellished or laced, we have got everything for you. Check our unique collection of peacock green padded bras now!

Day 9- Purple Purple Padded Bra For Navratri Outfit

This day is dedicated to the goddess Mahagauri. Her favorite color is purple and hence on this day, her devotees wear purple to show respect to the goddess. She is known to be one of the most beautiful Goddesses and she is greatly known for peace and endurance. If you are ready with your purple saree, don’t you think your innerwear must also go with your outfit? Therefore, check out Shyaway’s wide collection of purple padded bras and pick your favorite for this Navratri in order to flaunt your dress effortlessly. 

Best Types of Fabrics in Padded Bras  Types Of Fabrics in Padded bra

Shyaway offers a wide variety of fabrics for different occasions but the best types of fabrics in padded bras for Navratri are listed below.

  • Embroidery- If you want to go trendy yet traditional.
  • Silk- If you want to perfectly fit in the occasion 
  • Lace- If you want something unique and trendy
  • Cotton If you prefer comfort over style
  • Fabrics with patterns- If the style is your ultimate goal this Navratri
  • Mesh- If you want to be fashionable this Navratri. 

In order to show respect to the goddess, it is important to wear the right color on each occasion. These are some best colors in padded bras for Navratri 2020. Shyaway offers a wide variety of padded bras that come in different sizes, colors, patterns, and styles. Therefore, on this Navratri, whether you want to go traditional or trendy, we have a unique and beautiful collection of colorful padded bras. Shop them right away for a perfect Navratri celebration.

The Top 9 Different Padded Bra Colors & Fabrics for Navratri

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