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6 Best Lingerie Care Tips For Women

6 Best Lingerie Care Tips For Women

It’s no fun having to rummage through your overflowing lingerie drawer to find your favourite lace bra, or bustier. Fortunately, keeping your lingerie organised is pretty easy once you know how to fold and store your lingerie sets. Whether you are dealing with a collection of body stockings, brassieres, or garters, organizing them can prevent unintentional rips and wrinkles. Below, we provide 6 valuable lingerie care tips to organize your wardrobe and keep them tidy and handy for when you need them

Get rid of pieces you no longer wear

Get rid of stained and discolored items and items that have stretched elastic, holes, or rips. Also, get rid of items you have had for a while but never worn it.

Sort your lingerie

Now that you have the items you want to keep, sort them out based on preference. You can sort your items based on:

  • Color;
  • Length;
  • Season; or
  • Frequency of Use.

Hang your lingerie (If you have enough closet space)

The best way to store your lingerie is to hang them. If you have space in your closet, use non-slip hangers to hang your lingerie since most lingerie pieces are made of slippery material and can fall off if they are not sitting right. 

If you want to ensure that your lingerie will not fall off, use hangers with strap slots. For strapless lingerie, use skirt hangers to hold them up in your closet. 

Fold your lingerie (If you don’t have enough closet space)

If you do not have enough closet space, you can fold your lingerie inside a fabric-lined basket and place the basket inside a drawer or on a shelf. When folding your lingerie, place it upright inside the basket.

This way, you can see all the pieces at once and won’t have to mess up the folded pile each time you pull out a piece. If you have a shallow drawer, you can fold your lingerie inside it.Ensure that the inside of the drawer is smooth to avoid snagging.

When folding lingerie inside a drawer, use drawer dividers to keep everything neat and in place. If folding lingerie is too much of a task for you, you can roll up the pieces instead.

When travelling, store your lingerie in a fabric travel bag

If you are planning a getaway or a holiday, pack your lingerie in a fabric travel bag, then place the bag inside your suitcase. This way, you can keep all your pieces together and avoid accidentally ripping your lace. 

Get organized

Organizing your lingerie does not have to be daunting. With the above tips, you can quickly organize your lingerie and prevent unintentional wrinkles and tips.

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