Top 10 Trekking Clothes for Women in 2024

Trekking Clothes for Women in 2024

Trekking Clothes for Women in 2024

You must be thinking about trekking or something related to it if you have decided to read this blog. Nothing can be more satisfying to the body and soul than trekking in the woods with a group of friends. It is a boon to experience the natural environment, the sunshine, and the birds chirping from the trees. Many feel that trekking is kind of, well, “therapeutic.” Whether you are trekking alone or going with a bunch of friends, wearing the right trekking clothes is of paramount importance. Planning a few things ahead of your trip can make it more comfortable and enjoyable. And you must include the right clothes and trekking gear in your list of necessities. When it comes to trekking clothes for women, we’ve got your back covered! So, come on, let’s discuss what you must wear for that much-awaited trekking adventure!

Trekking Clothes for Women

There’s no harm in trying to look stylish and beautiful on your trekking trip. However, safety and comfort are more significant factors to be considered. Your innerwear and outfits must be versatile and help you move around freely. You don’t want to feel uneasy on your trip just because you are wearing some awfully tight clothes! Shyaway takes these factors into account while designing activewear clothing. Therefore, let’s sort out the best trekking clothes for women in 2024!

10 Best Trekking Clothes for Women

There will be slight differences in your trekking clothes, depending on the season. Let’s take a look at suitable trekking outfits for women based on the seasons!

For Summer

Do you love leggings? There! You’ve now got half of your trekking gear ready! Leggings are the perfect choice for summer as well as other seasons. Wear a sports bra or a tank top (or both) while you walk in the woods. They are your go-to trekking clothes for summer.

For Monsoon

You can expect the rain anytime. Go for something thicker, like a jacket, to keep you warm and comfy. Jackets with hoodies are preferable. Throw a pair of Shyaway leggings into your trekking kit since you cannot wear shorts or a skirt if it’s raining cats and dogs!

Bras for Trekking

Make sure you have the best bras, because they are your second skin. They should be ultra-comfy and wick away moisture.

1) Sports Bra

Shyaway sports bras offer absolute support and keep you comfy throughout the day. They wick away sweat, thus keeping you dry while trekking. We have sports bras from low to high impact. Different styles, colours, and patterns of these bras are also available.

  1. Low-Impact Sports Bra
  1. Marble-Printed Leggings

While at it, look at the top 10 bras for your next adventure!

2) Cross Back Sportswear

Correctly sized cross-back sportswear offers extended support and uplift to your breasts. Cross-back bras are designed to cope with the movement of the breasts while trekking. In addition, they make you look stylish and sensuous without compromising on comfort.

  1. Medium-Impact Sports Bra
  1. High-Waist Leggings

3) T-Back Sportswear

T-back sports bras are the current trend because they are both trendy and functional. They feature sturdy bands that keep the bra in place, regardless of the length you stretch. The wide straps distribute the weight of the breasts evenly. Wear a T-back sports bra and let your fellow trekkers take a second glance at you!

Tops for Trekking

Fashionable tops are good, but comfort is key when it comes to outdoor activities like trekking. So, make it your priority. The best trekking outfits for women, including tops, are given below.

4) Sportswear Crop Tops

Shyaway crop tops add oomph to your appearance and help you flaunt your style with confidence. These crop tops with front tie-ups are trendy and take your style quotient up a notch. More importantly, they are super-comfy since they are crafted with premium fabrics. Make the trip fun by pairing our crop tops with a pair of chic leggings!

5) Sportswear Jackets

For those wondering why jackets are necessary while trekking, here’s the reason! At times, when you trek for a couple of days, you might have to stop at a location to spend the night. And if it gets too cold, you need some warm protective clothes. Sports jackets will cover your upper body and keep you warm.

You just need to pick from the styles available and pack the jacket in your trekking bag!

6) Racerback Sportswear

Many women face problems with sliding shoulder straps. To resolve this issue, you can wear racerback sportswear. They are perfect to be paired with tank tops. Racerback sports bras are made of fabrics like cotton spandex, polyester spandex, or nylon spandex, which are the perfect materials for trekking.

7) Tank Top

Loose tank tops and racerback-fitted tank tops offer optimum breathability and are suitable not only for trekking but also for other physical activities like jogging, yoga, zumba, etc.

Bottoms for Trekking

Now that we’ve covered what you need for your upper body, let’s focus on the lower. Trekking clothes for women for the legs are right here!

8) Sportswear Leggings

Imagine going on a long trekking or hiking trip with loose pants. They can get caught in the bushes or sharp rocks on the way. To resolve this issue, you can wear sportswear leggings or gym leggings, which are snug-fit, support your legs, and cover them completely. They don’t restrict your movements and support you while climbing, walking, or jogging.

Here are some printed jackets and leggings that you can pair!

  1. Terrific Tropical Prints
  1. Awesome Abstract Prints
  1. Black ‘n’ Blue Prints

Not a fan of prints? Here are some solid-colour jackets and leggings for you!

  1. Black Beauty
  1. Monument Grey
  1. Azurine Blue

9) Joggers

Jogger pants are some of the hand-picked supportive sportswear. Try some of our high-waist, casual-fitting jogger bottoms in the right size. Apart from being comfy, they fit you perfectly. Hence, they are the go-to fashionable bottoms for hiking!

10) Skorts

These are skirts with inner shorts that can be comfortably worn while trekking. Skorts come with wide elastic waistbands that provide you with ample support. They also offer a flattering fit and are best suited for trekking and other outdoor activities. You can pair them with tops and camisoles.

While at it, know the difference between a camisole and a chemise.

The Right Trekking Clothes Can Make Your Day!

Trekking Clothes for Women

We’ve discussed some of the best trekking clothes for women. Add a first-aid kit, bottles of water, and snacks to your trekking gear. Trekking is all about exploring and having fun at the same time. Wearing the right clothes makes the whole experience comfortable and memorable. Once you wear our sports bras and other outfits, you will feel that you want to do a lot more trekking trips!

Check out some stylish trekking looks for women.

7 Stylish Trekking Outfit Looks for Women

Check out these stylish trekking outfit looks for women!


1. Urban Trekker:

Urban Trekker

  • Sports bra
  • Front tie-up crop top
  • Casual-fit jogger bottoms
  • Black Sneakers

2. Adventure Chic:

Adventure Chic

  • Fitted black tank top
  • High-waist leggings
  • Waterproof hiking boots

3. Sporty Trekker:

Sporty Trekker

  • Sports bra
  • Casual-fit jogger bottoms
  • No-VPL panty

4. Casual Explorer:

Casual Explorer

  • Sports bra
  • Front zipper-fitted high-neck jacket
  • Sports pants
  • White Sneakers

5. Mountain Boho:

Mountain Boho

  • Black sports bra
  • Front zipper pocket hooded jacket
  • High-waisted workout leggings

6. Outdoor Athlete:

Outdoor Athlete

  • Sports bra
  • Half-sleeve overlap mesh back T-shirt
  • Marble-printed workout leggings
  • Thong panty

7. Tech-Savvy Trekker:

Tech-Savvy Trekker

  • White sports bra
  • High-waisted casual-fit jogger bottoms with mobile phone pockets
  • White sneakers
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