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Underwire Bra and Wire Free Bra Differences

Underwire Bra and Wire Free Bra Differences

What Is Wired Bra?

Underwire bra – Unlike regular bras a underwired bra has semi-circle wire inserts at the bottom of the cups inside the fabric casing. Wired bra helps to contour, support and lift your breasts. The wire is often made with plastic or metal or resin. The underwires inside the casing is safe and secure so that you won’t feel anything hard on your skin.

Underwire Bra Benefits

Underwire Bra Benefits

An underwire bra gives some lift to the breasts while making them look rounder. Underwires help to bring  the breast tissues up and forward and gives a contoured look. It is perfect for women with bigger boobs.  A wired bra is an excellent choice if you need extra support for your heavy breasts. Avoid the pain in shoulders and back caused by the heavy bosom by sporting wired bras. Underwire bra advantages don’t stop just there. 

Advantages of Underwire Bra

  • Avoids mono boob look by making your breasts stay apart without touching each other.
  • wired bra sit flat at the centre of your chest which is not the case with most of the non wired bras.
  • Underwire bra avoids chafing between breasts and skin under the breasts as it lifts the breasts up. As the support comes from underwire the weight goes easy on the straps unlike regular bras.

What Is Non Wired Bra?

A non wired bra don’t have wire insertions inside the cups. These can be regular or padded bras. You can’t find underwires in regular bras and sports bras. Comfort is the main criteria for non-wired bras. These are soft on the skin. Although it doesn’t contour the breasts it gives very good support and shape. It doesn’t transform your shape in a dramatic manner. But non wired bras are gentle on your skin and enhances the natural shape of the breasts.

Advantages of Wirefree Bra

Advantages of Wirefree Bra

  • Wire free bra is very comfortable to wear as it does not have any hard part and casing around your breasts.
  • It maintains the natural shape of the breasts.
  • Wireless bra is the best choice when you are lounging and even while sleeping, depending on the fabric.
  • Wirefree bras are for everyone regardless of their body type.
  • Sizing is not as crucial as for wired bras. Wired bras might poke or protrude if the fitting is not correct.

What to Wear? Wired or Non Wired Bra?

 Wired bra gives a pronounced look to your breasts. The underwire contours your breast tissue from under the cups. In turn, makes your breasts look rounder. For this very reason most of the push up bras have underwires. The wire aids in lifting the breasts up and giving a rounded shape. A non wired bra is able to give you some lift and shape without transforming the shape in a dramatic manner.

Difference Between Wired and Non Wired Bra


Wired Bra

Non Underwire Bra

Gives contoured structureGives shape through structured cups
Offers great supportOffers great comfort
Provides pronounced lift to the breastsProvides a natural lift
Gives round shape to the breasts especially at the top of the breastsEnhances the natural shape of your breasts
Heavy-duty bras which give perfect shape and liftRegular bras meant for lounging, napping and running errands.
Underwire bras are perfect as plunge bras as they give better support even without wide goreNon wired bras are perfect as full coverage bras which come with wide gore


Is an Underwired Bra Good or Bad?

Underwired Bra Good or Bad

Underwire bra is not bad for you. Period! The misconception that a bra is not good for your health was tossed by medical anthropologists Sydney Ross Singer and his wife Soma Grismaijer. They were researching for the book “Dressed to kill” they wrote after Grismaijer was diagnosed with cancer. This had lead to their study about the link between bras and breast cancer. Their theory created big ripples in the medical and fashion industries.

But the cancer research center concluded that wearing tight bras doesn’t turn the normal cells cancerous.

Wearing bras or wired bras cannot give you cancer. But it is neither practical nor comfortable to be in a form fitting bra all the time. Underwire will rock while wearing formals to office and under party wears. It is the best bra while going out as it improves your appearance and confidence. But you don’t have to opt for an underwire bra while lounging and resting at home. In a nutshell, wired bras are not bad for you and wearing them depends on your level of comfort.

When to Wear Wireless Bras?

There is another debate on whether wireless bras are good or not? Though it depends on a person’s comfort and preference, a bra generally does more good to you than harm. you may find wireless bras comfortable as they are not like other structured and underwired bras. It delays breast sagging due to gravity. A bra can save tissues from losing elasticity over time by holding the weight of the breasts.

Wearing a wireless bra is good for your back. It takes the stress off your shoulders and back improves your back health and posture. Bras improve your appearance. Going braless might make you slouch and bring your shoulders down and forward. Bra slims down your waist and makes you walk tall.

Underwire vs Wireless Bra

If you can’t come to a conclusion here are a few points to help you decide.

Underwire bra helps in creating more form by lifting and supporting your breasts. A non-wired bra is all about comfort.

Underwire and wireless bras are both good as you can wear depending on need.

Underwire bras can be worn with formal shirts, tops, tees, bodycon dresses. They create a well defined bust and gives a neat appearance. Wireless bras are not only regular bras that you can wear everyday; nowadays they come in many types and styles for women who want to go wirefree at all times. Wirefree padded bras are good options if you don’t fancy underwire bras. Padded bras are able to give the lift and smooth appearance sans underwires. Wireless t shirt bras serve the very purpose of smooth silhouette. Yet underwired bras give extra support for women with bigger breasts. It keeps the breasts in the cups and avoids chafing of the skin. Light padded underwire bra can be a saviour for women with small breasts as it contours breasts. It gives a fuller and bigger appearance to the breasts. For small, medium or big set of breasts, a wired bra can give you a sleek look. And it is the very reason that many women prefer to wear wired bras these days.



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