Harmful Effects of Wearing Underwear Inside Out

What Are the Harmful Effects of Wearing Underwear Inside Out?

What Are the Harmful Effects of Wearing Underwear Inside Out?

What do you think when you read the above title? While many of you might think that wearing underwear inside out is crazy, others might be doing it this very minute! In the hurry of everyday life, many women don’t find the time to observe their underwear while wearing it. Getting dressed up in the morning within seconds has become the norm of the day. However, if you like doing things meticulously, wearing underwear inside out might not be your way of getting dressed. Nevertheless, we have come up with this blog to arrive at the answer to the question that swarms in many minds: “What are the harmful effects of wearing underwear inside out?”

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Your Underwear Inside Out?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s not advisable to wear underwear inside out. Let’s delve into them one by one!

1. Discomfort

Discomfort While Wearing Underwear Inside Out

You might not feel comfortable if you wear your panties/underwear inside out because they’re designed in such a way that their insides are in contact with your private parts. So, the outer side will stay close to your outfit. However, if you reverse the sides of the underwear, it can cause discomfort because the fabrics on the inside and outside will be different.

2. Unhygienic

The inside of your underwear is always in contact with your body’s sweat and other fluids. The outside is exposed more to the air and the dust particles in it. So, if you wear the underwear inside out, the outer surface will come into contact with your private parts. The dust particles on the outside, combined with the sweat from your body, become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies. This is highly unhygienic and can lead to infections or rashes.

3. Visible Seams

Do you give a lot of importance to your appearance? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no,” you must understand that wearing underwear inside out can spoil your looks. How? Yes, we are getting to that part!

When you reverse the sides, the seams inside the underwear that are meant to be invisible will be seen on the outside. So, if you wear a sheer dress or any outfit with thin fabric, the seams become visible through the outfit. This can have a negative impact on your overall appearance, and you will be unable to flaunt a put-together look. This is one of the reasons why we don’t recommend wearing your underwear inside out!

4. Improper Shape

Improper Shape While Wearing Underwear Inside out

Panties or underwear are crafted so that they adhere to the contour of your body. If you reverse the sides of your underwear, your body’s shape or contour goes for a toss. In worst-case scenarios, your lower body might even look bulkier than usual. Irrespective of the outfit you wear, you might appear a bit out of shape.

5. Gusset Visibility 

You might have noticed the gusset lining in most of your panties. This lining is made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, which is essential to covering sensitive areas of your body. By wearing underwear inside out, the gusset lining becomes the outer surface of your panty. In addition to being visible from the outside, the lining’s comfort and its moisture-wicking feature will be wasted.

6. Ill-Fitting

Ill-Fitting - Because of Wearing Underwear Inside Out

Have you ever observed that while wearing underwear inside out, you feel ill-fitted? The underwear does not fit your curves properly, which can make you look and feel uncomfortable. Here are 9 signs your panty don’t fit properly. The only solution to this issue is to wear your panty the right way.

We have now seen the harmful effects of wearing any type of underwear inside out.

What to Do If You’ve Worn Your Underwear Inside Out?

As mentioned earlier, you might sometimes flip the sides of your underwear accidentally when you are in a rush. And it’s quite common to realise it later during the day when you are outside your home—at the workplace or in a mall. If you find yourself in such a situation, there’s no need to worry. Follow our simple steps to solve your problem!

  1. Just continue wearing the underwear the same way.
  2. If the seams of the underwear are visible through your outfit or you feel uncomfortable, try flipping the sides the right way.
  3. Wash your underwear thoroughly after you reach home.
  4. The next time you wear it, do it the correct way. Take a look at the labels and logos to know which is on the inner side.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you fold your panty so that their outer sides face you. By doing this, you can minimise the chances of wearing the underwear inside out.

Inside Out & Outside In!

Though wearing underwear inside out is not advisable, it’s okay to make a mistake or two when you dress up. If you have accidentally reversed the sides of your underwear, remember the simple steps we have explained above.

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