The Best Coloured Bras to Wear Under White T-Shirt

What Color Bra to Wear Under White T-Shirt?

What Color Bra to Wear Under White T-Shirt?

There is one instance where literally every woman becomes “colour-picky” with their lingerie… Yes, when wearing a white t-shirt! Women always become conscious when choosing bras if their outfit includes a white t-shirt.

White t-shirts are a fantastic option that can be paired with several outfits. Although, this amazing outfit requires careful consideration when it comes to lingerie, as the white colour almost shows off anything we wear inside. So one has to pick the right colour bra, so the bra doesn’t peek through your clothes.

A white bra seems the most logical solution for this, but it’s not just that!

There are several misconceptions about wearing any coloured bra, other than white, when you wear a white t-shirt. But there are some great lingerie options to explore and try without the slightest discomfort. Here are some coloured bras to try on with your white t-shirt.

What bra should you wear under a white t-shirt?


T-shirts are light outfits, so it is important to make sure the bra you choose will be invisible under the outfit. Seamless bras also give a smooth fit without outlining the bra structure over your outfit.

Nude coloured bra

Nude-coloured bras are one of the best options for your white t-shirt. Nude t-shirt bras are also the next popular option after white bras. Choosing a nude t-shirt bra that matches your complexion can do wonders. The bra practically becomes invisible under the t-shirt as it blends in with the skin. Thanks to the stealthy colour, you can confidently wear a t-shirt that is not white.

Red coloured bra

Surprising, right? Yes, red-coloured bras go unnoticed under white t-shirts! The red colour is flattering on all skin tones, allowing the bras to blend beneath the t-shirt. Make sure to choose a deep red or burgundy, as the colours become invisible under the outfit. Also, it is safe to avoid pairing red with shades of pink or purple, as the colours make the bra visible.


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