Why Should You Wear Pyjamas to bed

Why Should You Wear Pyjamas to Bed?

Why Should You Wear Pyjamas to Bed?

Why Should You Wear Pyjamas to bed

British colonials used pyjamas in 1870 as an alternative to traditional nightshirts. Pyjama means “leg clothing”, and the usage dates back to the Ottoman Empire. They may be one-piece or two-piece garments that always have loose-fitting pants of various lengths and widths. By the end of the nineteenth century, the term “pyjamas” had come to refer to two-piece garments that included both the trousers and the top. They were popular during the Victorian era and were predominantly worn by men. Women and children later adopted the style.

What Did People Wear to Bed Before Pyjamas?

Prior to the introduction of sleepwear, many people slept in their underwear. Sleepwear during the Victorian age was known as ‘night clothes’ and they often consisted of ankle-length nightshirts, nightgowns, and floor-length robes.

Why Should You Wear Pyjamas to Bed?

  1. Looks Adorable – Pyjamas come with cute prints, hems, and designs that will make you look adorable.
  2. Keeps You Warm –   As you toss and turn at night, you won’t have to worry about covering yourself. Pyjamas are meant to keep you warm throughout the night.
  3. Comfort – They are usually made from 100% cotton. The natural fibre can absorb sweat and easily prevent overheating. Cotton can also keep you cool at night during hot summer days. For uninterrupted sleep, get a nice pair of comfortable pyjamas in the right material and fabric.

  1. Encourages Bedtime Manners – Wear pyjamas to bed and feel relieved at the end of the day. It is a sign that you are clean and ready to sleep. Make it a habit to take a quick shower before you sleep.
  2. Improves Hygiene – Peaceful sleep keeps you refreshed and recharged every morning. Do you know? Your skin sheds the dead cells and renews itself during sleep. Your pyjamas act as a barrier between your body and the bed. Most of the dead skin and other microorganisms will end up in your pyjamas without messing with the bed linen. Remember to wash your pyjamas after every use.
  1. Self-Care – Pyjamas are not meant for sleep but also to provide self-care. You can feel relaxed and calm while wearing pyjamas.

  1. Express Your Personality – There are cute designs and sexy patterns available. You can choose the pyjama sets you love and show off your personality.
  2. Easy to Maintain – Pyjamas need minimal maintenance as they are often made of lightweight materials. You can easily wash them in the machine and store them in the wardrobe. If you are on a trip, you can easily carry them in your luggage as it does not consume much space.

We hope this blog has answered some questions you may have about pyjamas and why they’re the perfect choice for bedtime.

What is your favourite pyjama style? Let us know!

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