Yoga for Breast Cancer: Five Yoga Poses and Its Be

Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Yoga has been around for centuries and we all know that it has served so many purposes in treating us both mentally and physically. And, in a recent study, it has been proved that yoga for breast cancer patients has more positive effects. We know it might be hard for you to deal with breast cancer, but here we have gathered some yoga poses to boost your breast health. 

In this breast cancer awareness month, let’s do something useful. 

Can Yoga Help Breast Cancer?

How Yoga Can Help Breast Cancer Patients?

Yes. Research shows that with the help of yoga, people will be able to control their physical functions like breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. By controlling these physical functions, one can reduce unnecessary hormone secretions and stress levels. People who do yoga with breast cancer may feel less stressed and have more opportunities to enjoy a better quality of life. The other benefits of yoga for cancer patients are 

  • Improves your quality of sleep 
  • Manage and reduces pain
  • Improves mobility and function 
  • Reduces depression, anxiety and stress
  • Reduces fatigue caused by cancer
  • Gives better quality of life 

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Prevent Breast Cancer

Yoga poses to prevent breast cancer

Most people think yoga is not suitable for people with breast cancer and people after breast cancer surgery. Don’t forget that yoga is restorative and mild. Gentle poses do not strain your breasts. Hence you can experience the advantages of yoga effectively with the following five poses.  

Balasana (Child’s Pose)


Balasana compresses your front body to lengthen your back. By doing this pose, your lungs, spleen and kidneys will receive vital energy. 

Dirga Pranayama (Three-Part Breath)


Dirga Pranayama is also known as a three-part breath or that can increase your oxygen supply to your blood. It can reduce your muscle tension and also helps to relieve stress. 

Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)


Uttanasana or standing forward bend can strengthen your spine, hip region, thigh, and also your knees. This pose can reduce your high blood pressure and also soothes your mind and nerves.

Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall)


Viparita Karani is also known as legs up the wall. It can remove the pressure on your neck and shoulders. This pose can encourage circulation and relaxation of your muscles. 

Savasana (Corpse Pose)


Savasana is a simple yoga pose performed at the end of the yoga routine. This pose helps you release the stress, calm your soul, and also maintains your blood pressure. Most importantly this pose boosts your immune system. 

Research shows that it is necessary for people who are affected by breast cancer and also the survivors of breast cancer to undergo yoga, meditation and other gentle exercises. It can help them feel more relaxed and less stressed. Stay happy and healthy!

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