Find the Perfect Lingerie Styles Based on Your Zod

The Best Lingerie Styles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Lingerie Styles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you read your horoscope every morning or can barely remember your zodiac sign, your significant traits can’t be ignored. You might have paired lingerie for your breast type and best lingerie styles based on your zodiac sign? If not, here’s how to find your perfect match. We agree that each woman has her unique personality and deserves lingerie and outfits to match it, as it not only promotes self-love but also enhances your mood and comfort.

Lingerie Styles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Lingerie Styles Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As an Aries, you’re an energetic, passionate, attractive, and generous lover. You are bound to impress and make bold statements wherever you go. And since green is your power colour, a functional, seamless everyday bra would do you justice, as Mars rules you.

You prefer a man of action to a man of words. As an Aries woman, you believe in equality in any kind of relationship.

Our Shyle green padded wire-free bra is the perfect pick for your passionate soul.


Venus rules a Taurus woman, the goddess of love; you’re beautiful and delicate, just like lace. Your motto will be “All acts of love and pleasure are my virtues,” and you are emotionally intense. Red will be your power colour.

Our pick for the goddess of love is the Shyle red lace babydoll with a triangle neckline.


Geminis are one of the most fascinating zodiac signs. You are brilliant, love a little drama, enjoy exploring the world, and be powerful like the sun. Yellow will always be your powerful choice!

Our choice for the brilliant woman is the Susie lemon yellow lace neckline ribbed chemise.


A Cancer woman is emotional, nurturing, loyal, and ruled by the moon. Just like how the moon grows and fades, your mood will keep changing. You love being at home, surrounded by friends and family. You can exude charisma and uniqueness when you embrace moon-inspired tones.

So our pick for the loyal woman is Shyle snow white flower-printed pyjama set.


As a Leo woman, you are strong, independent, and love being in the limelight. You like to show off your relationship in public and enjoy an extravagant lifestyle. You are usually a rose, champagne, and satin lover.

Based on this, our pick for strong women is the Shyle satin chemise.


Virgos are absolute perfectionists. As a Virgo woman, you are ultimately beautiful and intelligent, very organised, intellectual, and creative. You will be the beauty in motion and the poetry in devotion. You are a traditional lover, so long-distance relationships work perfectly for you, and you are very committed and believe a relationship is forever.

Our pick for the perfectionist is Shyle HANA black geometric board-winged seamless T-shirt bra.


A Libra woman is calm and believes in balanced and peaceful relationships. You might seem a little lonely and detached at times. You are a woman who loves luxury and the finer things in life. However, you feel secure when the right person is around you. So, no wonder your power colour is pink!

Our pick for the pink soul is Susie shell pink padded contrast neckline bra.


Scorpio women are emotional, deep, and often misunderstood as being harsh. You are determined and are in constant search for your soulmate. Since Halloween falls in your zodiac month, it’s no wonder that you love the darker side of things. Black will be your power colour.

Our pick for the determined soul is the Shyle black halter neck chevron patterned sexy babydoll


A Sagittarius woman is carefree, down for a little adventure, fun-loving, and free-spirited. You love exploring and being optimistic, and you have a magnetic smile on your face. Your energy is contagious, and you are found chasing love. You prefer to stay single for a long period of time until you find the right person.

Our choice for the adventurous soul is the Shyle violet lace babydoll with a scallop edge strap.


You are the ultimate boss, babe. Mostly, Capricorn women are serious, focused, and hardworking. You often find yourself falling in love with your best friend. As a dreamer, you never stop striving to achieve your goals.

Our choice for a focused soul is the Shyle peach lace tassel lingerie set.


An Aquarius woman is charming, quirky, passionate, and brilliant. You believe in social justice and aim to contribute to cultural change. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, so blue will be your power colour.

Our pick for the charming soul is the Susie royal blue lace lingerie set.


Pisces women are generous, soft-hearted, and empathetic. You will be more romantic and have lots of love fantasies in your heart. And you will have beautiful eyes, too.

Our pick for the empathetic soul is the Shyle taupe frilled babydoll.

We hope that now you have an idea of how to choose the right lingerie styles based on your zodiac sign. So whether you are edgy with your lingerie or into something a bit more toned down, the key to looking good in it is feeling good in it.

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