Feminists may insist that women shouldn’t be bothered by their looks or body shape. Indeed, it’s true. However, In reality, women need to know what looks best for their body to dress with confidence. Here, we’ll discuss the dressing tips that work best for the Banana body type.

Banana body type has other names like ruler or rectangle body type. How do we know that a body shape is banana-type?

There are three obvious signs to find out a banana body type. Firstly, the hips, shoulders, and waist will be almost of the same width. The bust tends to be small and the buttocks will be often flat. This body type will not have a lot of curves but its one of the hustle-free body types when it comes to dressing.

Many successful Hollywood celebs and models are known to have a banana-shaped body and here are the edgy dressing tips inspired for them,

The Body-type is gifted with comfort!

Fashionists insists on wearing tighter clothes for better looks but it works the opposite for the banana-shaped body. Yes, the first tip is to wear a comfortable apparel that’s not too tight. tighter clothes will reveal the straight frame and may not look attractive.

The curvier the clothes, the better!

As the banana body shape reveals straight lines, it is good to define more curves with the help of clothes. You can achieve it by using strong blocks of colors or belt emphasizing the waist. Tops and jackets are one of the best options for defining waistline and curve.

Try Shapewear!

Shapewear is very effective for banana shaped bodies to add up some curves and holding it.

Today’s lingerie market is flooded with different types of shapewear made of comfy fabrics.

Avoid Straight Dresses

Since we’re trying to bring in more curves, wearing straight dress is definitely not a good idea.

Choose the right bra

It’s ultimately a crucial tip! Get bra of proper size that fits your busts perfectly.

Push-up bras and underwired bras must be the favorite for a banana shaped body because it lifts the busts to make it look fuller and holds the busts perfectly enhancing the cleavage.

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