What is a minimizer bra and when to use one! - Min

What is a minimizer bra and when to use one!

What is a minimizer bra and when to use one!

While the lingerie industry has started focusing on producing better-fitting plus-size bras for generously gifted women, there are also other instances when they choose a minimizer bra instead. And no, there is nothing wrong or judgmental about this decision. So, what in reality is actually a minimizer bra, and how practical is it to wear one.

What is a minimizer bra?

Minimizer bras usually distribute the breast tissues by compression, thus offering an illusion of smaller breasts. So, these intimates are preferred when the outfit demands smaller-looking busts or when you find it difficult to fit into close-fitting dresses.

Is it safe to wear a minimizer bra?

It’s true that the breast tissues are made to appear flattened with the use of a minimizer bra, but, this, in no way, will bring harm when used right. Here are certain facts you need to remember while you choose a minimizer bra.
1. Make sure you shop for your actual bra size. Going one size up or down is only going to cause discomfort
2. Keep your skin clean from moisturizers or oils as this again might make you feel uneasy when compression bras are worn.
3. Minimizer bras, though highly functional, need to be replaced with a regular bra once you’ve got back home. Having these bras on for too long is not advisable as your breasts need to breathe too.
4. Always handwash your minimizer bras for machine wash can make the cups lose their shape, in turn, making them hard to reuse.

When can a minimizer bra be used?

It is not always necessary that this bra is worn to make the busts look smaller, but is also of great use when it comes to bounce protection and support. So, the next time you are skeptical about using one, remember that a minimizer bra is more efficient than you assume.

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