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7 Effective ways to prevent bra chafing

7 Effective ways to prevent bra chafing

Effective ways to prevent bra chafing

What is chafing?

Chafing is the inflammation of the skin when it gets irritated due to the rubbing of body parts and skin folds. Chafing also occurs because of the clothes we wear. The common chafing areas are thighs, groin, and underarms. Some women get chafed skin between and under their breasts. Chafing results in redness and swelling and makes the skin feels tender and itchy.

What is bra chafing?

Bra chafing occurs when the bra parts rub against the skin causing rashes and inflammation. Wearing an ill-fitting bra is one of the main reasons for bra chafing. Also, it is very common among women with fuller and bigger breasts. Women with close-set and wide-set breasts can get rashes from bra chafing by wearing the wrong type of bras.

Common causes of bra chafing

  • Wearing a bra with an improper fit and a bra that is too tight or too loose can cause bra chafing.
  • Wearing a bra made up of cheap fabric will cause chafing. Because the fabric is not skin-friendly and it can irritate the skin.
  • Wearing expensive bras made of silk, satin, jacquard also can cause chafing if you wear them on an everyday basis. Because these fabrics are heavy and can cause sweating which also will lead to infection.
  • Using bra for a longer period of time and not replacing the bras once in every six months can cause bra chafing. Though the appearance of the bra is good the fabric may have lost its properties due to extended wear and tear.
  • Using harmful detergents for washing bras is another cause of skin irritation. Wash your bras well to remove traces of chemicals left on the fabric to avoid inflammation.
  • Poor hygiene and not washing your bras after every use will cause bra chafing.
  • Not using a laundry bag for washing your bras is one of the main reasons for chafing. Washing your bras along with other clothes in the washing machine will damage the parts of a bra. This will alter the fit and can cause discomfort.

How to prevent bra chafing?

You can avoid bra chafing by wearing a proper size and choosing the right bras for your body type.

1. Why bra size and fitting matters in preventing bra chafing?

A bra that fits you like a frame will never cause bra chafing. It takes some time, effort, and a skillful bra fitter to find out your bra size. You may be old enough to pick bras for your teens. Still, you may not have found out your correct bra size yet. Spend some time to know your correct bra size. Because most of the time it’s not the bra but the wrong bra size that causes a lot of issues. Find out your correct bra size today, here.

2.  Why sports bra is important to prevent bra chafing?

It is important to wear a sports bra during workouts. A sports bra is not like your regular bra. The moisture-wicking fabric gives proper support during heavy physical activities. The interlock seam at the backside avoids raw ends of fabric rubbing against the skin. Do not exercise in a cotton bra as it does not absorb moisture and leave your skin drenched in sweat.

3. How does a push-up bra help in preventing chafing?

A push bra has wedge-shaped padding in the cups which helps to lift your breasts up. This will avoid the friction between your bust and the skin under your bust. A push bra also prevents sweating under your bust.

4. Why you should avoid cotton bras during heavy activities?

Cotton bras are usually good as they are natural and body-friendly. But it doesn’t absorb your sweat. Choose depending on the occasion. If you are going to sit back to enjoy lemonade reading magazines and do a little cooking or yoga, a cotton bra is fine. But if you plan to vacuum the house or do workouts a bra made up of moisture-wicking fabric is good to avoid chafing.

5. How does a plunge bra prevent chafing?

We never knew that plunge bras have so many benefits apart from giving a sexy appearance. If you have close-set breasts you have only a little space between your breasts. Wearing a bra brings them further closer leading to the cheeks of your breasts rub against each other. A plunge bra will keep your breasts apart as it has a deep neckline and a small gore. The bra will stay at place giving you a chafe-free comfort.

6. Can you wear underwire bra to avoid bra chafing?

Underwire bras give excellent support to your breasts. They make them sit in the bra cups without any spillage. Underwire bras are a blessing in disguise for women with wide-set breasts. When you wear an underwire bra it sits properly on your chest without poking or protruding. An underwire bra gives a secured lift and prevents chafing.

7. Why Spacer bra is good for bra chafing?

It is a regular t-shirt bra but the foam padding is different from what we find in a t-shirt bra. A spacer bra is lightweight and made with breathable foam padding. The spacer foam has foamy air pockets that allow the air to pass through the cups. This makes a spacer bra soft, lightweight, and more air. It gives ultimate no sweat comfort and needed support as well.


Wearing a wrong bra is one of the main reasons for bra chafing. Shyaway’s best bra collection to give chafe-free comfort to your bust.

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