How to Remove Deodorant Stains from Bras?

7 Simple Hacks to Remove Deodorant Stains Out of Bras

7 Simple Hacks to Remove Deodorant Stains Out of Bras

It can be frustrating to notice sweat and deodorant stains on your favourite bra. You will find a variety of cleaning products to remove stains. The items discussed in this blog are inexpensive and easily accessible at home. You can try these simple hacks to remove tough deodorant stains without damaging your bra. Knowing how to wash a bra is a useful skill for keeping your bra in good condition.

How Does Deodorant Stain Your Bra? 

Blame the sweat glands—eccrine and apocrine. When sweat mixes with aluminium from deodorant, it turns yellow and leaves stains. Deodorant stains may appear near the sides of the band and below the armpit. If you notice yellow stains, you should switch to an aluminium-free deodorant and antiperspirant. Apart from the said chemical combination, using any kind of deodorant can stain a bra.

How to Remove Deodorant Stains from Your Bra? 

1. Rub Pantyhose or Nylon Tights

If you want to remove white deodorant streaks from your bra, you can wipe them clean with pantyhose or nylon tights. Roll the tights or pantyhose to make a ball and rub it on the streak. This hack works with all colours and will keep your bra safe. You can add a little salt for stubborn stains.

2. Lemon Juice (Only for White Bras)

Mix the lemon juice with an equal amount of cold water. Rub the mix on the stains using a scrubber or toothbrush. Let it to rest for an hour, and then wash it as usual. This works only for white bras. Do not try this hack on coloured bras.

3. White Vinegar (Best Option for Stubborn Stains)

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with water. Soak the bra for an hour or two, depending on the stain. Remove it from the mix and wash them.

4. Baking Soda and Water

You have to get the ratio right! Make a paste with baking soda and water in a 3:1 ratio. Therefore, you will need 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water. Apply the paste on the stains and leave it under the sun for a few hours. Remove the paste and hand wash or machine wash your bras. You can use a bra laundry bag to safely wash them in the machine.

5. Aspirin Tablets Can Remove Deodorant Stains

This is an interesting fact! Don’t you think? The salicylic acid in aspirin tablets works as an effective cleaning agent. You can use 5–6 aspirin tablets and mix them with a teaspoon of water. Apply the thick paste to the stained area for an hour. Scrub and wash as usual.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

You can combine hydrogen peroxide with dish soap to remove deodorant stains from your bra. You can buy it from any pharmacy. Mix 3 spoons of dish soap with 6 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Use a brush or scrubber to apply it to the stained spot. Leave the mix for an hour and wash the bra.

Use only the said amount of hydrogen peroxide; otherwise, it can bleach the fabric.

7. Wet Wipes or Makeup Remover

Use a wet wipe or even makeup remover wipes to quickly remove deodorant marks from your clothes and bra. You can try this hack for fresh stains.

How to Prevent Deodorant Stains on Bras? 

It will take time and effort to remove the existing stains. Sometimes the stains will never go away. You can save a lot of time if you know how to prevent them in the first place.

Buy a Natural Deodorant 

Deodorant with aluminium and alcohol are more likely to leave stains. Switch to natural ones with a neutral pH level to avoid staining your bra.

Avoid Creamy Deodorant

Creamy ones leave white streaks on a darker bra. Try to avoid the creamy ones and switch to a convenient one.

Dry Your Deodorant Before Wearing a Bra

When your deodorant mixes with sweat or moisture, it tends to leave stains. So, it’s a good idea to dry the deodorant completely before wearing your bra. You may use a hairdryer or portable fans to speed up the drying process.

Wash Your Bra After Every Wear

Do not allow the deodorant marks to set and stain. It will be easy if you wash the bra after every use.

Bras can easily become stained from deodorant, sweat, and perfume. Try out these simple hacks to make your bras as good as new. So, whether it’s your favourite bridal bra or a racerback sports bra, stains can be easily removed and the life of the bra extended.

Have you got a tried and tested solution? Please share it with us.

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