Are you searching for a bra that doesn’t exist?

Bras That Don’t Exist

Bras That Don’t Exist

The history of bras is as old as the history of human civilization. Explore the bra styles from ancient Rome to the retro 80s and 90s. Learn about bras that don’t exist anymore and bra styles that would be too cool if they were to exist.

Bra Designs That Don’t Exist Anymore

bra design that doesn’t exist anymore 

These bras that were trending long ago don’t exist anymore as women feel they are too crass to be worn in public despite the progressive feminist ideologies.

  • Nipple Bras

Nipple bras were famous in the 70s. Can you even believe that people preferred their nipples poking out and being completely visible through their outfits? 

The reasoning behind this design was to achieve a sensual winter look. In recent times Victoria’s Secret tried bringing this bra style back in trend but failed miserably.

  • Jock Bras

The function of a jock bra was similar to a men’s jockstrap. The bra was a slip-on with a longline band with loose but wrapped cups. They fell out of trend and paved the way for the invention of sports bras.

  • Bullet Bras 

The bullet bras gave the breasts a cone-like pointy look. Though it was designed in the 40s, it became a conventional bra style in the 80s and 90s, reaching its peak in the 90s after Madonna wore it.

Vintage Bras That No Longer Exist

Vintage bras that no longer exist

Check out how these vintage bras have evolved, making it difficult to relate them with the current trends.

  • Mammillare

The Romans didn’t find women with bigger breasts feminine. Therefore, women with bigger breasts usually wrapped layers of fabric tightly around their breasts to make them seem small. Does the description ring a bell? Yes, I am talking about minimizer bras. Mammillare bras have evolved into minimizer bras in modern times.

  • Symington

When we wear a bra we often notice some flesh bulging here and there even if the bra is the right fit. Women in the ’20s didn’t like that and wore these Symington bras to hide those bulges. These bras have evolved to an unrecognizable style that is longer and tighter and is popularly known as shapewear at present.

  • Corsets 

The old Victorian corsets have always fascinated me. Like why wear something that won’t allow you to breathe, eat, or sit comfortably? What will you do with an hourglass figure if you can’t enjoy the simpler things in life? Nowadays the corsets have become more of an outfit that is worn on the outside or as belts that help in flattening our stomachs.

  • Maiden Form 

Last on the list is maiden forms that were counterparts to boy forms in the late ’20s These bras took the shape of your breasts and allowed you to embrace your beautiful imperfections. This style is presently known as free-size bras that are mostly slip-on.

Bras That Should Exist!

We have all wanted a fairy Godmother to wave her wand and grant us a nice fitted bra of our choice more than a Prince Charming. But what do fashion designers have to say about the bra designs that most of us want to exist? 

  • Strapless Minimizers

We are all well aware of how women wearing strapless bras tug at the corners to adjust their bras after they move too quickly, designers say that heavy-breasted women would have to tug at their bras more often because without the straps the pull of gravity would be strong.

Minimizer bras wholly depend on the straps to pull your breasts against gravity, so strapless minimizers can be possible if we were to inhabit Mars. 

  • Low Back Strapless Bras

For all those women who are searching the market for better alternatives for stick-on or transparent bras. There is only bad news because gravity doesn’t work that way and a low back strapless bra cannot provide you with much support. So, it is physically impossible to wear a low-back strapless bra and not have your heavy busts fall out. 

  • 100% Cotton Bras

Don’t believe any tag that says 100% cotton. A fabric made completely of cotton is susceptible to easy wear and tear plus cotton is not elastic. Therefore, there are no 100% cotton bras, elastic fabric is always used around the bands and straps to provide support.

If you want a bra with a high concentration of cotton, then go for nursing or post-mastectomy bras that are supportive, durable and made of 95% cotton.

These bras would be super nice to wear but don’t worry there are alternatives to every choice. Check out the Shyaway website now to bag those wonderful alternatives that will solve all your troubles.

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