Breastfeeding Hygiene Tips

Breastfeeding Hygiene Tips that Every New Mother Shouldn’t Ignore

Breastfeeding Hygiene Tips that Every New Mother Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you breastfeeding for a while now?  You might have even become a pro at nursing bra, feeding gown, and nursing cover. Similarly, spend time taking care of your hygiene. Today, we’ll go over some basic breastfeeding hygiene tips for new mothers.

Starting with the no-brainers

Keep yourself and your surroundings clean when you have a baby at home. Though breastfeeding requires less work than bottle-feeding, good personal hygiene is important.

1. Wash and sanitise

Wash your hands frequently to prevent infections of any kind. It is advisable to wash your hands before and after feeding, eating, using the toilet, and cleaning the baby.

2. Adequate Ventilation

Keep the room well-ventilated and clean. Remove any stale food or dishes still lying around the room. Remove layers of dust and unwashed clothes. Keep the room clutter-free.

3. Avoid Scented Products

As a part of breastfeeding hygiene, you need to avoid scented sprays and other products. Use mild creams and moisturisers to hydrate your skin. Harsh chemicals and heavy scents can damage your skin and harm the baby.

4. Change Bed Sheets Frequently 

Your bedsheet is a hotspot for germs. Change the bedsheet every week or twice a week. Clean them with an antiseptic liquid.

 5. Trim Your Nails

Overgrown nails can hurt your baby. It is also home to dirt and germs. Trim the nails and always keep them short.

6. Take a bath once or twice a Day

Taking a bath in lukewarm water will keep your body, especially the nipples, clean. You will feel fresh and happy. It is not necessary to apply soap to your breasts every time you breastfeed. Regular bathing is enough to maintain good personal hygiene.

Proactive Breastfeeding Hygiene Tips

7. Change Nursing Clothes Often

Change nursing bras, clothes, and breast pads every day or frequently based on leakage and dampness. If you notice you have leaked through your clothes, it is best to change them immediately. Wear a comfortable maternity bra and cotton clothes for increased comfort.

8. Wear Breast Pads

Using a breast pad along with your nursing bra can help absorb sweat and excess milk. It keeps you dry and clean. Whatever type of nursing bra you wear, ensure you use a breast pad.

9. Treat Sore Nipples

Apply a doctor-prescribed cream to treat sore nipples. Avoid scented creams and lotions. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the nipples to treat any sort of cuts, bruises, bumps, or pain.

10. Hot & Cold Compress

Use a warm compress on your breasts before feeding to widen milk ducts. You can also use a cold compress after feeding to sooth swelling and pain.

Breastfeeding is both a physical and emotional journey for a new mother. Maintaining good breastfeeding hygiene will make it a great experience.

Invest in good nursing bras to support your breasts during breastfeeding.

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