Know Your Lingerie Seams : A Guide on Types of Lin

Know your lingerie seams

Know your lingerie seams

1. Flat locked seam or butted seam

It is a widely used seam in the lingerie making. Two parts of fabric are attached bringing the edges adjacent to each other instead of layering on top of one another. A Cover stitch or zigzag stitch is used to join the raw edges. It is ideal for sports undergarments where a lot of parts need to be stitched together for a frame like fit and support without making it bulky.

Locked seam or butted seam Bra

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2.Taped Seam

A tape of fabric or elastic is stitched along the raw edges of the fabric just like casing. It Site titlegives reinforced structural form to the dress. Best examples are corsets and balconette bras .  Taped seam is used along the sides of a bra to give proper reinforcement. In case of attaching an elastic, a zigzag or 3 point zigzag stitches are used. Since it gives room for stretching without breaking the stitch.

Taped Seam bra

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3. Bonded Seam/Heat sealed

A bonded seam is used mainly at the hemlines to secure the raw edges. This is very much functional as there are no stitches and gives an invisible hemline.  The hemline is folded with very thin double side adhesive tape inside and is welded together using heat.

Bonded Seam/Heat sealed bra

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4. Welt Seam

It is used mainly in leather lingerie. It gives a neat look on both sides without adding bulk. The seam is worked out on the wrong side of the fabric. It gives a smooth finish on top.
Welt Seam bra

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5. Flat felled seam

This is more suitable for corsets and balconette bras as the seam is functional as well as decorative. The seam is worked on the right side of the fabric. Any kind of frills and lace embellishments can be included while working this seam.

Flat felled seam bra


6. Piped seam

A piped seam is used for decorative purpose. Mostly contrast color cross grain fabric strip is stitched at the raw edges on the right side of the fabric and folded back and stitched on top.

Piped seam bra

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