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Lingerie glossary

Lingerie glossary

Lingerie Glossary:

Adhesive Bra

Otherwise called stick on bra. These are strapless and can be worn with backless dresses. The cups have adhesive on the inside to stick onto the breasts.

Applique bra

Made of sheer fabric the bra has embroidered appliqués stitched together to the bra cups. comes under bralette and cami bras.


It is made up of sheer fabric. Mostly has emperor waist line. It’s a revealing under garment.

Back Seam

A delicate knitted vertical seam that runs from the top of your hosiery down to the toe.

Balconette bra

Covers ½ or 2/3 rd of the breasts. has wide neckline which is parallel to the bra band unlike demi bra. strap positioned wide apart

Bandeau bras

It is a slip on type bra with thick band at both ends. Made of knitted fabric for better elasticity. These bras have no straps or cups. sometimes comes with pads.


A form fitting bodice extending to the waist and hips and has suspenders.

Boy leg short

These are shorts meant to be worn as an innerwear. It can be worn with formal trousers as the panty lines won’t be visible like normal panties.


These are more of stylish bras rather than functional ones. Made up of lace bralettes are sexy and comfortable.


It is a full coverage panty. The waistlines start just below the navel with broad side wings covering the entire butt.


It is a bra extended to cover the waist. It gives a pushup effect as it cinches the waist.

Camisole and Tap pants

It is a set of camisole and shorts embellished with frills and lace. It can be worn as sleepwear not loungewear. It’s made of satin or lace.


It is basically a slip and can be worn as an innerwear. It smooth out the silhouette and also as a top depending on the fabric it is made of.

Contour bra

It has cups with padding of equal thickness. This gives natural shape and some lift without making the breasts look bigger.


Corset is the hardcore version of bustier. It is worn to train the waist to stay small. A traditional corset is very difficult to wear as it has metal or shark bone inserts for creating frame.


It is a structured petticoat. Horse hair and cotton is used to make a crinoline fabric. Victorian period was largely dominated by full skirts. A crinoline was used to hold out the skirt to look puffier all around, especially at the back.

Cupless or Frame bra

As the name suggests this bra has no cups but only a frame to hold the breasts. Usually worn with nipple pasties or over another bra to add extra support as well as for style statement.


Demi is a French word meaning half. A demi cup is half cup which means it covers only half of the breasts. Demi cup is just a regular angled cup but gives only half coverage. Has slanting neckline.


Hosiery (Panty hose or stocking)comes with diamond knit with big gap like a fence.

Fish net

The hosiery features a tiny diamond shape knit and looks like a fish net.

Frame knickers or overt knickers

Just like cupless bras frame knickers has only the knickers frame minus fabric. Sometimes lace overlaid. Mainly used as sexy lingerie.


It is an elasticated band with embellishments worn to hold up the stocking in position. But it is not in usage anymore apart from bridal wedding ceremonies.

Garter belt

Otherwise called suspender belt. It comes with a panty or bustier which helps to hold the stockings up.


Cheeky fantasy undergarment with a set of straps and strap adjusters with no fabric.

Keyhole Bra

Has a cutout in the design usually at the apex revealing cleavage. it is one of the sexiest bras.

Midi slip

Midi is a mid length slip usually below knee level. Sometimes worn as nightwear or jumper suit over a tee or top.

Minimizer Bra

Is designed to flatten the projected breasts. It evenly distributes the breast tissue. This bra is able to make your breasts appear smaller.

Panty hose

Is a delicate knitwear legging made with synthetic fabric like nylon. It starts from toes and ends at the waist covering the whole leg. It is appropriate to wear with formal skirts as it gives a fine and polished look.

Pajama Set

Usually a top and bottom set which includes a tee and full length pants made of the same fabric. It can be worn as lounge and sleepwear.


French women’s evening gown in olden days. Pronounced as “peinwa”. Nowadays negligee, chemise, babydoll come under this category.


Petite cup sizes range from A to C. However it doesn’t refer to the height of the person but only the cup size

Plunge bras

It has deep V neckline and gives a sexy look as the neckline cuts deep in the apex. Suitable for deep neck apparels.

Push up bra

Always comes with padding and extra wedge of foam at the bottom of the cups. It brings the breasts up and together to create ample cleavage.

Shelf bra

It comes with underwire with less or no fabric. It gives good support but offers no coverage. It is worn as sexy bra.

Stay-up stockings

These are thigh-high stockings but don’t need suspenders to stay up. It has silicon liner at the edge which makes the stockings stay in place.

Soft Bras

This bra has no underwires. Made of soft fabric. It is a slip on type bra. It can be worn during sleep, yoga and post surgery. It can be worn to add a layer on top of everyday bras.

Spacer Bra

Is made up of light weight fabric. Spacer bra foam is knitted to create foamy air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup.


Usually starts from toes to cover the leg till thighs. Unlike stay-up leggings, stocking need suspenders to stay up. However, not all stockings need suspenders, most modern stockings have elasticized waist.

Super push-up bras

Adds volume upto 2 cup sizes and create ample cleavage for voluptuous look.


It is another version of bodysuit. A teddy is mostly strapless. It is the lingerie version of the swimsuit. It is a one piece lingerie that covers the waist from bust to crotch.


Thicker than pantyhose and worn to add layer and warmth. Sometimes worn as a fashion statement.


Is a semi-circular metal wire is inserted at the bottom of the bra cups to give more support and shape.


It is a modern version of corset. Also called as waist cincher. It can be worn over apparel as a fashion statement.

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