Lingerie Glossary: Common Lingerie Terms and Defin

Lingerie glossary

Lingerie glossary
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You may have a lot of questions when it comes to lingerie, especially navigating various styles, terms, and technicalities. To help Indian women confidently explore lingerie, we’ve curated a comprehensive lingerie glossary that provides detailed information about different types of lingerie. From the soft camisole to the supportive padded bra and the alluring balconette, each lingerie piece serves a unique purpose and caters to specific needs. This comprehensive list of lingerie terms and their definitions provides clear insights into their features, benefits, construction, and usage. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable bra or a panty, this glossary will serve as your guide. It will help you make informed decisions and select the perfect pieces that promote comfort, style, and self-expression.

Common Lingerie Terms and Definitions

Adhesive Bra

Also called a stick-on bra. These are strapless and can be worn with backless dresses. The cups have adhesive on the inside to stick to the breasts.

Applique Bra

This bra is made of sheer fabric and has embroidered appliqués stitched onto the bra cups. This can also be known as a bralette or cami bra.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

These are straps that can be extended or tightened. Fully adjustable straps can be tightened or loosened along the entire bra strap to fit well.


A short, loose-fitting, or sleeveless nightgown is used as sleepwear for women. It’s a revealing undergarment made up of sheer fabric.

Backless Bra 

The bra provides effective lift and support for your breasts without back closure or visible straps.

Back Seam

A delicate knitted vertical seam that runs from the top of your hosiery down to the toe.


An underwire bra style featuring a high centre front gore and wide straps that offer a square neckline appearance. It covers ½ or ⅔ of the breasts.

Bandeau Bra

A slip-on bra style with a thick band at both ends made of knitted fabric for better elasticity. It has no straps or cups and sometimes comes with pads.


A form-fitting bodice extending to the waist and hips and having suspenders.

Beginners Bra 

A lightweight bra made with soft fabric without cups is for girls in the developing stage.


A panty that offers medium coverage, and the waistband rests on the hips approximately three finger widths below the navel.

Boob Tape 

A tape is used to shape the breasts in whatever form underneath the garment.


A long and flat support structure is sewn into the vertical seam lines of a garment or bra to add stabilization. It holds the fabric together and prevents it from folding in.


These are shorts meant to be worn as innerwear with a low waist. It can be used as formal trousers as the panty lines are invisible like in normal panties.


A close-fitting undergarment for women that provides effective support and coverage.


A stylish bra with no underwire, ideal for teens and women with small bustlines.

Bra Bag 

laundry bag for keeping the bra separate and reducing damage after washing.

Bra Band Extender

A tiny piece of fabric with hooks and eyes that helps extend the bra band.

Bridal Bra 

A bra made of lacy and sheer fabrics that can be worn under a wedding dress and on other occasions. 


A full-coverage panty with waistlines starting just below the navel and broad side wings covering the entire butt.


A bra extended to cover the waist and gives a pushup effect as it cinches the waist. These have underwires, are usually strapless, sleeveless and have boning.

Cami Bra 

An undergarment worn as a standalone piece provides essential coverage and support without any additional layer.


A loose-fitting undergarment for the upper body that is held by shoulder straps. The camisole can be made of various fabrics from laces, and cotton to microfiber.

Centre Gore 

A structural piece of fabric in a bra that sits between the bra cups The centre front or gore of a bra should always lie flat against the body.


A loose-fitting nightdress made of silk or satin with built-up straps. 

Clip-On Cami Insert 

The clip-on cami insert comes with a metal snap fastener that can be adjusted to a comfortable position and is perfect for controlling the amount of cleavage. 

Contour Bra 

A bra that has moulded cups with padding of equal thickness gives a natural shape and lift to the breasts. It is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to wear a sweater or T-shirt. 

Cotton Bra 

A bra made from high-quality and breathable cotton for better comfort. 

Cotton Panty 

A panty made from cotton fabric for soothing the skin and ensures better comfort. 

Control Brief

A panty shaped like a normal brief that flattens the tummy and provides the necessary support. It is a great undergarment to wear with skirts and form-fitting pants.

Convertible Bra 

A bra with convertible straps/ multiway straps can be worn in different ways, such as strapless, halter, criss-cross, and one-shoulder. It may come with clear straps and be easy to wear with asymmetrical necklines, a boat neck, and a halter.


A corset is a close-fitting undergarment that has a bra and waist cincher. It supports the breasts from underneath and pushes them up over the neckline edge.


A petticoat made of horsehair fabric to hold out a skirt that looks puffier all around, especially at the back.

Criss-Cross Back 

The straps come in a criss-cross style at the back that provides good support. It looks perfect when worn with deep-back necktops.

Cupless or Frame Bra

This bra has no cups but only a frame to hold the breasts. Usually worn with nipple pasties or over another bra for additional support.

Darted Bra 

A bra in which the seams run straight from the bottom to the centre of the cup provides full coverage for the bust. The seam is stitched in a specific way to help create a rounded silhouette for your breasts.


A demi cup is a half cup, which means it covers only half of the breasts. It is just a regular angled cup but gives only half coverage and has a slanting neckline.


Elastane is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity and durability compared to rubber. It is ideal for fabric blends used in lingerie because it helps create a perfect fit.


Elastic is a stretchable fibre or tape made from natural or synthetic rubber. Most waistbands are made from elastic because it is highly resilient.

Fashion Bra 

A bra that is designed to be visually appealing and stylish with a variety of colours, materials, and embellishments.


A pantyhose or stocking comes with a diamond knit that looks like a fence.

Fish net

The hosiery features a tiny diamond-shaped knit and looks like a fish net.

Foam Cup

A foam cup is the padding in a bra that gives shape to the breasts and maintains the body temperature. 

Frame knickers or overt knickers

Just like cupless bras, frame knickers have only the frame minus fabric and lace overlaid sometimes. 

Front Open Bra

Front open bras have their open and closure mechanisms on the chest rather than on the back. It is extremely convenient to put on and offers a smooth back. 

Full Coverage Bra

Full-coverage bras cover the entire neckline and arm sides. It hides the cleavage, avoids spills, and is great for women with larger cup sizes. 

Full-Cup Bra

A bra that covers the breasts entirely is ideal for large busts to get the perfect shape. It provides maximum coverage and support. 

Full-Figure Bra

Women who wear bra sizes 34D, 36D, and 38D and cup sizes DD, E, F, G, and above are known as full-figure bras. It contains thicker-width straps and is suitable for an apple body shape. 


An elasticated band with embellishments is worn to hold the stocking in place. But it is not in use anymore, apart from bridal wedding ceremonies.

Garter Belt

Otherwise, it is called a suspender belt. It comes with a panty or bustier, which helps to hold the stockings up.


This elastic shapewear is worn around the waist to smooth the abdomen and hips. It usually features suspender or garter straps at the bottom edge and a hook-and-eye closure along the back. 


A thong-style panty that covers the genitals with an elastic band or a string attached to its rear end. 


The crotch area of your underwear is usually lined with an extra layer of natural fibres like cotton or silk. 


A cheeky fantasy undergarment with a set of straps that fit under a person’s arms and body. 

High Waist 

An underwear style that extends up to the navel and hits the body at the natural waist. It covers your stomach and waist region in contrast to mid-rise and low-rise styles that reveal the abdomen.


A mid-coverage panty that is a cross between a brief and a bikini. It sits low on the hips and gives the perfect shape in body-hugging dresses.

Hook and Eye Closure 

A metal hook and loop are used as fasteners on bras so that the band length can be adjusted to fit slightly different sizes. 


Woven coverings for the legs and feet are designed to be worn inside shoes, especially women’s tights and stockings. 


A garment for the upper body that extends below the hips contains pockets and a front opening. 


Loose trousers made of a stretchy fabric and elasticated at the waist and ankles can be worn for jogging.


The design features an arched opening in the centre front panel of the bra. 


Underwear worn by women covers the lower part of the torso to the top of the thighs. 

Lace Bra

An undergarment made with lace fabric that gives a feminine and beautiful appearance. 


Tight-fitting pants made of stretchy materials fit tightly around the legs. It usually extends from ankle to knee, but sometimes it is higher. 

Lined Cups 

An extra lining inside the bra cups to reduce the nipple show.

Lined Gusset 

Cotton fabric is sewn into panties to ensure breathability and comfort throughout the day. 


Women’s underwear or nightclothes to wear daily for better comfort and confidence. 


A comfortable undergarment that is worn for better sleep and relaxation. It can include bralettes, nightwear, camisoles, and more. 

Low Waist 

An underwear style that is designed to sit on or below the hips.  


A soft and lightweight fabric used in undergarments is more durable than rubber. 


Medium Coverage 

Medium coverage bras offer coverage midway between your nipple and the top of your breasts. 

Medium Waist 

An undergarment style that sits between the hips and navel, below the natural waist. It covers more of the lower stomach than the high-rise and low-rise styles. 


An open-weave knitted fabric that creates a sheer-like or net effect. 


Microfibers are usually a blend of polyamides and polyesters, well-known for being light, smooth, and breathable.

Midi Slip

A mid-length slip, usually below knee level, is worn as nightwear or a jumper suit over a tee or top.

Minimizer Bra 

A bra that makes your breasts look smaller by spreading breast tissue across the chest. It offers you a more appropriate figure and helps clothes fit better.

Moisture Wicking 

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps the body dry by removing the wetness. It mostly comes in activewear that keeps your body dry once you start to sweat from exercise. 

Moulded Bra

A bra that has no seams through the middle of the cup and is made out of a single piece of fabric. 


A loose gown was worn in bed by women. It’s warm in the winter and makes you feel cool in the summer. 


Clothing suitable for wearing in bed or while preparing to go to sleep. Some nightwear can even be worn for lounging. 

Nursing Bra 

A bra designed for new moms during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

No Coverage

An undergarment comes with no coverage, especially for bras and panties. 

No-Sag Bra 

A bra offers excellent support and prevents the breasts from sagging. It is best for women with larger breasts and provides better comfort. 

No VPL Panty 

A panty that has no visible stitching on the outside and looks invisible under the clothing. 

Padded Bra 

A brassiere that includes padding within the cups can be made from various materials, such as foam, gel, or even silicone. It provides additional shape, lift, and support for the breasts. 


A piece of underwear that offers both comfort and style. It can enhance your comfort, confidence, and the fit of your outfits.


Thin clothing stretches to cover the body below the waist and is worn under skirts or dresses for women. 


A light dressing gown or undergarment worn by women. 

Period Panty 

A panty that is designed for menstrual days, offering extra protection and comfort.

Plunge Bra 

A bra that features a low-cut centre panel between the cups is designed to enhance cleavage and create a deep neckline. It can be worn with clothing that has a deep neckline, such as V-neck tops or dresses.

Plus Size 

Denoting the clothes of a size larger than those found in standard ranges.

Printed Bra 

A type of bra that features a colourful and patterned design on the cups, straps, or band.

Push-up Bra 

A bra that is designed to lift and shape your breasts, providing additional support and volume.

Pyjama Set

A top and bottom set, which includes a tee and full-length pants made of the same fabric. It can be worn as loungewear or sleepwear.


A bra or swimsuit in which the shoulder straps are joined between the shoulder blades.


An arch-shaped wavy stitching pattern made with lace or other fabric. 

Seamed Bra

A bra that has seams running through cups made of various fabrics offers better shape and support. 

Seamless Bra 

The undergarment is made without any seams, resulting in a smooth, invisible look under clothing. It provides ultimate comfort and style and is perfect for those who are looking for an everyday bra that won’t show through their clothing.

Saree Shapewear 

A figure-hugging skirt that shapes the back, abdomen, waist, and thighs to give you a mermaid look while wearing a saree.


A tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure.

Silicone Nipple Pad

A silicone pad that provides full coverage for your entire nipple can be worn over loose-fitting clothes or tight dresses to keep them in place. 

Sleep Tee 

A shirtlike garment, usually knee-length or shorter, is worn for sleeping.


A woman’s undergarment is worn beneath a dress or skirt. It has narrow straps and extends from the breast to the waist, or skirt length. 

Soft Bras

This bra is made of soft fabric and has no underwires. It is a slip-on type of bra that can be worn during sleep, yoga, and post-surgery. 


Synthetic fibre is known for its exceptional elasticity and durability compared to rubber. 

Sports Bra 

A bra that provides the necessary support for your bust while carrying out any physical activity. 


Clothes are worn for casual outdoor use and sports. 

Stay-up Stockings

These are thigh-high stockings, but they don’t need suspenders to stay up. It has a silicon liner at the edge, which makes the stockings stay in place.

Stick-On Bra

An innerwear that comes without a band or straps and simply sticks on your breasts. 


Usually, start from the toes to cover the leg until the thighs. Unlike stay-up leggings, stockings need suspenders to stay up. However, not all stockings need suspenders; most modern stockings have elasticized waists.

Strapless Bra 

A bra that does not have straps is particularly equipped to pair with your off-shoulder outfits.

Super push-up bras

Add volume up to 2 cup sizes and create ample cleavage for a voluptuous look.


A pair of shorts with a flap across the front or back to give the appearance of a skirt.

Tank Top 

A close-fitting sleeveless top that is typically worn over a shirt.


A one-piece lingerie that covers the waist from bust to crotch. It is another version of the bodysuit and is mostly strapless.


Underwear with a narrow back resting between the cheeks. It may be high-waisted or low-rise.


Thicker than pantyhose and worn to add layer and warmth. Sometimes worn as a fashion statement.

T-shirt Bra 

A seamless and smooth cup bra that can be worn even under body-hugging clothes like a t-shirt is made of stretchy fabric without revealing any bra lines. 


A semi-circular metal wire is inserted at the bottom of the bra cups to give them more support and shape.

Underwire Bra 

A bra with a wire under the bust of each cup for extra support and shaping. They can have soft or padded cups and come in various styles, making them suitable for everyday wear.


A modern version of a corset, also called a waist cincher, can be worn over apparel as a fashion statement. 

Wirefree Bra 

A non-wired bra doesn’t have wire insertions inside the cups.

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