Breaking The Popular Myths of a Minimizer bra for

Minimizer Bra Myths Debunked for You

Minimizer Bra Myths Debunked for You

Researched too much about minimizer bras? Don’t know whom to believe? Indecisive about buying a minimizer bra? Then you ought to check out these popular myths of a minimizer bra. 

What is a minimizer bra?

What is a minimizer bra?

As discussed in several other blogs, minimizer bras are specially designed to distribute your breast muscles in such a way that they will create an illusion of having a smaller cup size than usual. The redistribution and compression reduce your size by ¾ of an inch or so making it the best bra to wear under button-down shirts. 

Are Minimizer Bras Good For You?

This really depends on how frequently you use it. Prolonged use of minimizer bras can restrict movement and make it difficult for you to breathe while performing strenuous activities. So it’s up to you to decide whether minimizer bras are good for you given your day to day activities. 

Facts about Minimizer Bra

Do you know these 3 facts about minimizer bras?

  • They are the perfect bra to wear under a button-down shirt
  • A minimizer bra can reduce the creases of the breast and armpits while wearing form-fitting clothes.
  • Does your breast look too big in comparison to your other curves? A minimizer can solve this issue in a jiffy.
  • Minimizer bras can give cleavage for women with a wider set of breasts. Find out your breast shape now!

Intersting Facts about Minimizer Bra

6 Bra Myths

Before debunking the myths of a minimizer bra its is important to know few other myths associated with bras:

  1. Myth: Bras can make your breast sag
    Fact: Sagging is completely hereditary but an ill-fitting bra can amp up the process.
  2. Myth: Light colour bras should be worn under light coloured outfits
    Fact: Dark colours like black and red are best for light coloured or pastel outfits.
  3. Myth: Bras should always be hand-washed
    Fact: This is true if you are going to just toss your bra in the machine along with other garments. A hooked bra inside a mesh bag is the best way to machine wash it.
  4. Myth: Prolonged usage of a bra can cause breast cancer in women
    Fact: Regardless of whether they fit you properly or not, a bra of any colour cannot cause nor promote breast cancer.
  5. Myth: Wired bras are supposed to dig and poke
    Fact: Not at all! A proper fitted wired bra of the best quality will never make you uncomfortable.
  6. Myth: Bras can cause rolls of fat on your back
    Fact: 80% of women wear ill-fitted bras that cause fat to roll on their backs.

Myths Of a Minimizer Bra

Myths Of a Minimizer Bra

We have reached the last but the key part of the blog now. Listed below are a few myths of a minimizer bra and the actual facts behind each of them.

1. Does a Minimizer Bra Make You Look Skinnier?

Absolutely not, the minimizing capacity of a minimizer completely depends on the flexibility of your breast tissue and heaviness of the breast muscles. It can only help you look more fit but never skinny. 

2. Only Heavy Breasted Women Should Wear Minimizers

Minimizers are available for cup sizes ‘B’ and above, meaning any women with or above a B cup can wear a minimizer bra to achieve a gorgeous silhouette under a form-fitting or button-down outfit. 

3. Minimizers Can Reduce Your Cup Size by 2 Inches or More

Definitely no, here is how much a minimizer bra can reduce depending on your measurements:

  • ‘B’ Cup – ½ Inch
  • ‘C’ Cup – ¾ Inch
  • ‘D’ Cup – 1 Inch
  • Above ‘D’ Cup- 1 ¼ Inch 

4. Minimizers Should Be Tight 

Minimizer redistributes your breast by compressing it but this doesn’t mean your bra should choke you. It is important to feel where the bra tightens, if the bra straps and band feel tight then you should go for a larger size. A slight discomfort near the cups is natural but anything unbearable should never be worn. 

Similarly, a smaller minimizer doesn’t guarantee extra reduction and can lead to several other adverse side effects like damaged breast tissues, back and headache or even breathing difficulties.

5. Minimizer Bras Can Be Worn Everyday

Of course, minimizers are tailored like any other bra and can be worn every day but the continuous constriction of breath and restriction of movement can lead to further trouble with prolonged usage. Therefore it is advised to wear them in rotation with other bras to soften the blow. 

6. Wearing a Minimizer Bra Continuously Can Reduce Your Size 

No, as I said earlier, breast size and sagging is caused by hereditary and a bra has got nothing to do with it. Therefore, wearing a minimizer won’t reduce your size. 

7. Minimizers Can Reduce Your Cleavage 

This is not true for everyone, women with east-west facing or with a wider set of breasts can get a beautiful cleavage by wearing a minimizer bra. 

Do you know the difference between a sports bra and a minimizer bra? 

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