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Practical Shopping Process to Buy Your Daughter Her First Bra

Practical Shopping Process to Buy Your Daughter Her First Bra

When is the right time to buy your daughter her first bra? Around the time of puberty, her breasts begin to develop. However, this period varies from one girl to another. Usually, a girl’s breasts start to grow between the ages of 11 and 13. This is when, as a mother, you realise it’s time for your daughter’s first bra shopping.

Talking to your daughter about bras may seem a bit awkward in the beginning. Some young girls might even despise the idea of wearing a bra. As a mother, it’s essential to help your daughter understand the importance of bra shopping.

Don’t worry; we have some helpful bra shopping tips for you! Additionally, during your leisure time, read about what women keep in mind during lingerie shopping.

Signs Your Daughter Needs a Bra

If you find that your daughter’s breasts are getting bigger or protruding slightly through her outfit, it’s the right time to get her a bra. Some girls may experience slight pain in their chests during puberty, indicating the beginning of breast development. In many scenarios, girls themselves talk to their mothers about bras once they listen to their peers talking about them. I hope you now know when to buy the first bra for your daughter.

How to Measure Your Daughter for a Bra?

So, have you decided to go on a bra shopping spree with your daughter? Brilliant! Before you do that, finding her the correct bra size is of paramount importance! Here are some ways to get the correct size:

  • Take her to a bra-fitting professional and ask them to find the right size.
  • Use a measuring tape at home to get the precise measurement.
  • Use the Shyaway Bra Size Calculator.
  • Refer to the Teenage Bra Size Chart.

The chart below will help you pick the right-size bra for your pre-teen or teenage daughter. Check it out!

Tweens Bra Size Chart

Shyaway Tween Bra Size Chart

The Importance of Proper Bra Fit for Young Girls

Once you’ve found your daughter’s correct size, it’s time to shop for a bra of that size. Sometimes, even the right-sized bra might not fit the breasts properly. So, after a professional assists your daughter with proper fitting techniques, ensure you purchase a bra that fits well without any gaps or bulges. The right fit is as important as the right size!

Online Bra Shopping

Buying the first bra for your daughter need not be a tedious process. Unlike outerwear, your teenager may feel shy about choosing her very first bra at a physical store. This is where online shopping comes in handy! Online shops offer quite a range of bras for girls, and they include all types of bras with quirky patterns and attractive colours that your daughter will love. Also, with the ongoing offers, you can buy bras at a lesser price and save money.

So, if you don’t wish to go to a brick-and-mortar store for teen bras, no worries! You can shop online at Shyaway for affordable first bras with a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

Mom and daughter shopping

At Shyaway, you can purchase comfortable bras for young girls. Simply visit the Shyaway website to explore the available bra styles. You can also use your mobile phone to download the Shyaway app. Shop online using this app and make the best use of our amazing offers!

How to Choose the Right Bra for Your Daughter’s Body Type?

There are different body types, like apple-shaped, pear-shaped, etc. Knowing your daughter’s body type and shape will help you buy a suitable bra for her. While at it, check out the different body shapes and suitable bras.

Explore different types and styles of bras.

There are various types of bras for teenagers categorised under “teen bras.” But it is necessary to choose age-appropriate styles, as many bras are not suitable for tender breasts, which are still in the developing stage.

Here are a few types of bras for your pre-teen or teen girl to wear!

Tween bra collections

1. Bras with Back Closure

A beginner’s bra with a back closure is ideal for young girls who have just reached puberty. Also, girls from 9 to 19 years of age can wear this bra. They can wear it to school or use it at home. Such a bra is ideal for girls, even when they go out with friends or attend parties!

2. Slip-On Bras

A teens slip-on bra is the best for young girls who have started developing breasts. They are very soft on the skin and stretchable, giving enough room for the growing breasts. A pre-teen or teenage girl can just slip it on without bothering about any back closure!

Tips for Making Bra Shopping Fun for Your Daughter

Who says first-time bra shopping with your daughter is a challenging task? Make the shopping experience fun, and enjoy every minute of it!

When you decide to buy your daughter her first bra, remember the hurdles you might have faced when you bought your first bra. So, you can go down memory lane and feel nostalgic about your first bra shopping experience!

Overcoming anxieties and ensuring a comfortable bra shopping experience are crucial during a first-time purchase. Apart from that, try the following tips to make it all fun and frolic!

  • Educate your daughter about the significance of wearing a bra, including the support and comfort it provides.
  • Sit with your daughter and make a list of bra styles to buy.
  • If you’re shopping at Shyaway, take a glimpse at its colourful home page and other products like nightwear.
  • Share your old, funny bra stories with your daughter.
  • Buy some fancy bras for yourself while shopping for her.
  • Make a list of all the colourful outfits both of you can wear with your bras.

Go ahead and do it!

Don’t overthink when you shop for girls’ bras. Just enjoy the experience of bra shopping with your daughter. You might wonder where to buy a first bra or how much to spend on a first bra. But you are not alone! Lots of mothers go through this phase.

Shyaway has suitable bras for your teen daughter in a variety of sizes. You can have a hassle-free shopping experience here. So, why wait? Shop online right now with your daughter! The doors to the world of lingerie are open to you!

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