How to Remove Period Stains From Panties

How to Remove Period Stains from Panties

How to Remove Period Stains from Panties

Menstruating is not all about bleeding, but rather a painful phase with menstrual cramps, mood swings, and period stains. Though the mood swings and other experiences disappear, one thing will stay even after the bleeding stops—period stains. That is why it is considered significant to wear period panties during that time. However, it doesn’t stop with the lingerie; it stains clothing, beds, and sheets. You may probably wonder how to remove period stains. Well, read along to learn more.

Are Period Stains Removable?

Yes, they are removable. There are several ways to remove period stains. Unlike normal blood, period blood contains clots and protein, making it harder to remove. However, household items and specific chemicals can effectively eliminate these stains. It may take a few washes if the blood has dried, but it is still removable.

What Takes Stains Out of Panties?

Maintaining clean and hygienic undergarments is crucial for both personal comfort and overall well-being. However, dealing with stubborn stains on panties can be a frustrating experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to effectively removing stains from panties, catering to the specific needs and preferences of Indian women.

How to Remove Period Stains from Panties Naturally

Here are some simple natural ways to remove period stains.

Use Cold Water to Rinse off the Stains

Cold wash

Rinsing under cold water is one of the best ways to remove period stains. The sooner you wash, the easier it is to get rid of the period blood. Don’t give it much time, or else it will dry and become hard to remove. Let the cold water run on the stained underwear; the cold water will wash away the stains immediately. For lightweight or cotton underwear, a cold water rinse is the go-to solution.

Lemon Juice/ Hydrogen Peroxide

Lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide come in handy to remove dried period stains. These two household ingredients are strong enough to remove the dried period stains on your bedsheets or any other clothes. Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide won’t damage the clothes but may cause colour loss to darker clothes, so be mindful before applying them directly.

Follow the given steps to remove the stains.

  • Dip a sponge in lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide
  • Dab on the stained area
  • Wash it with cold water 
  • Repeat until the stains go away


Salt has dehydration properties, which will help absorb water and blood. Combine salt and water; apply the paste to the menstrual stain; and rinse the underwear after a few hours.

Use Ice Cubes 

Ice Cube

Once you rinse the stained panty in cold water, grab an ice cube and rub it on the stained area. 

Ice cubes help remove protein-based stains as well as blood stains. Meanwhile, do not bring hot water near the stained clothes, as it may worsen the stains more.

Try Aspirin/Baking Soda



Another easily available item is aspirin, which can also be used to clean stains. Just powder a few tablets, mix them with water, and apply the mixture to the stained area. Follow the same process for baking soda (determine the quantity based on the stains), take a few amounts of baking soda, mix it with cold water, and leave the paste for 30 minutes or overnight. Later, wash it with cold water.

White Vinegar 

You may dislike the pungent smell of vinegar, but you cannot ignore its efficiency in removing stains.

  • Pour a small amount of vinegar on the stains 
  • Mix with detergent
  • Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes or overnight
  • Rub the cloth to remove the stains 
  • Wash the underwear as you normally would

Skip the Dryer

Before throwing it into the dryer, ensure that the stains disappear completely from the panties, completely. Because hot air is similar to hot water, it will harden the stain, so don’t dry the panty unless the stains are removed.

Maintaining Panties for Stain Prevention

Preventive measures can help minimise the occurrence of stains on panties.

Change Panties Regularly: Change panties daily or more frequently, especially during menstruation or when experiencing discharge.

Rinse Panties after Use: Rinse panties with cold water after each use to remove any residue or bacteria.

Wash Panties Properly: Wash panties according to the care instructions on the label.

Store Panties Properly: Store panties in a clean, dry place to prevent moisture buildup and mildew growth.

Pick the Right Period Panty

For a strain-free situation, opt for period panties as they will keep you stress-free and stain-free. Unlike regular panties, they are designed with layers of leak-proof fabric, which will stop the blood from leaking through the underwear. You can easily remove the period blood by washing it.

Check out this complete guide to learn how period panties work.

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