Using a Bra Extender vs. Going for the Next Size

Should I use a Bra Extender if the Band is Tight or go for the Next Size?

Should I use a Bra Extender if the Band is Tight or go for the Next Size?

Did you buy a new bra two months ago but find that its band has become too tight now? Well, you are not alone! Lots of women face this problem. Your bra band extender. Let’s see how it works!

Bra Band Extender

Bra Band Extenders

First and foremost, it would be wise to have better clarity on a bra band extender. As the name indicates, it is a rectangular piece of fabric that extends the length of a bra band. Thus, these extenders make your bra band looser. In many cases, women have stated that bra extenders have given them the perfect fit! So a bra extender is one of the most important accessories you must have in your lingerie wardrobe.

Women might experience fluctuations in weight at various stages of life, like pregnancy and postpartum. A sudden increase in weight can make your bra band tighter. In these cases, a bra extender can help resolve the issue by lengthening the bra band. Such a bra extender has rows of hooks and eyes, just like a normal bra.

How to Use a Bra Extender?

Many women find bra extenders comfortable. You just have to use the hooks on the extender to attach it to the eyes of your bra band. Then, use the eyes on the extender to attach it to the hooks of the band.

Voila! Now, you have your favourite bra with an extended band that offers a comfortable fit!

Bra extenders come in various sizes, and so you can attach them to bras of different sizes and styles, such as everyday bras, plunge bras, push-up bras, etc. They are also available in several colours.

Scenarios Where a Bra Extender Comes in Handy

  • If you are stuck between two band sizes, you will find a bra extender useful. If you opt for a bra with the next (higher) band size, it might be a bit loose. Instead, if you use an extender, it will increase the length of the bra band without making it too loose. Therefore, extenders are a great option when women get stuck between two band sizes.
  • In situations where you don’t wish to throw away your old bras, go for a bra extender.
  • If you don’t have the time to shop for new bras immediately, use an extender to lengthen your existing bra’s band. Since bra extenders are small pieces of fabric, you can easily carry one with you in a small purse or handbag wherever you go.

Another Option: Sister Sizing!

If you are stuck between two band sizes, you can try sister sizing too!

Sister Sizing Up

It indicates a size bigger than your original band size and a letter smaller than your original cup size. For instance, if 32B is your original size, your sister size up will be 34A.

Sister Sizing Down 

It indicates a size smaller than your original band size and a letter bigger than your original cup size. Let’s take the same example of 32B. Now, your sister’s size down will be 30C.

The Verdict

Opt for a Bra Extender or Choose the Next Size

Bra extenders are definitely a quick fix for your bra band problems. But they are just temporary solutions, and cannot be used in all situations. At times, they might have a negative impact on your bra’s design too!

Thus, if your bra band has become tight, go for an extender without second thoughts! When you attach it to the bra, you might have the perfect fit! Try different sizes of extenders to find out which one suits you best. However, if you feel that it doesn’t work or affects the design of the bra, try sister sizing. If that too fails, go ahead and purchase a new bra with a band of the next size. Problem solved!

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