The Ideal Number of Rows of Hooks on a Bra

How Many Rows of Hooks Do I Need on My Bra?

How Many Rows of Hooks Do I Need on My Bra?

Do you struggle with the hooks of your bra when you get ready in the morning? As women, we don’t give much thought to these rows of hooks, but it’s high time we realised that they form an important part of our bras. The hook and eye closures help us fasten the bra and hold it in place. But how many of these rows of hooks do we need? It depends on several factors, and there is no single answer to this question. Therefore, let’s start analysing the question right away and find the answer to, “How many rows of hooks on a bra are necessary?”

Factors to Consider

The number of rows of hooks needed on a bra depends on personal comfort. Some women might need more hooks, while others might prefer less. Let’s consider the factors playing a role in deciding the number of rows of hooks!

  • Breast size
  • Bra size
  • Style of bra

Shall we take a glance at each of the above factors?

Breast Size

Breast Size Determines the Rows of Hooks on a Bra

Women with smaller breasts need some support, just as do those with larger breasts. However, one or two rows of hooks will suffice for them. Since the number of rows of hooks is smaller, the width of the bra band will also be smaller. Did you know that the band is responsible for offering 70% of the support in a bra?

The case is different when we consider women with larger or heavier breasts. They require extra support, and so they need bras with three or more rows of hooks. Well, there must be a minimum of three rows. An increase in the number of rows of hooks and eyes means an increase in the width of the bra band, which implies better support. 

Thus, depending on a woman’s breast size, the number of rows of hooks on a bra will vary.

Bra Size 

Bra Size Determines the Rows of Hooks on a Bra

You might have noticed that bras of smaller sizes will have just one or two rows of hook and eye closures. However, bras of bigger sizes will have more rows of hooks. Thus, the number of hooks depends on the size of the bra you purchase, which varies according to your body and breast sizes. Can you now understand why plus-size bras have more rows of hooks?

The rows of hook and eye closures also vary depending on the brand. You would have observed that in some bras, there will be three rows with three hooks in each row, whereas in others, you will find three rows with just two hooks in every row. This design differs from one brand to another. While at it, read about fixing a broken bra hook at home, which will help deal with old bras.

Style of Bra

Style of Bra Determines the Rows of Hooks on a Bra

The number of rows of hook and eye closures on a bra also varies according to the style of the bra. Depending on whether it is an everyday bra, sports bra, or other types of bra, the number will vary.

For example, a high-impact sports bra contains more hooks and eye closures. When you perform high-intensity physical activities, your breasts require more support. As stated earlier, more rows of hooks indicate a wider bra band, which means more support. This is the reason why high-impact sports bras are designed with more rows of hooks. The additional support minimises breast movement, which is high while working out. So, more rows of hooks on a sports bra mean better support and comfort for the breasts. This feature also protects the bust from damage.

Choosing the Right Row of Hooks

Wear a newly purchased bra, starting from the outermost row of hooks. As you keep wearing the bra and washing it, its fabric will begin to stretch. Over a few weeks or months, you can move to the second row of hooks, followed by the third row, etc. This is how you choose the right rows of hooks on a bra. Make sure you match the eye closures with the corresponding hooks every time you wear your bra!

The Role of Bra Band Extenders

Bra Band Extenders

What do you do if your favourite bra has become a bit old and doesn’t fit you because you have gained weight? 

Not to worry! We have the perfect solution for you my lady! Just buy a bra extender to increase the length of your bra band. Fit the hooks of the extender into the eyes of your bra. Now, your favourite bra is ready with an extended band length! 

No Hard and Fast Rules!

The decision to choose the number of rows of hooks on a bra is completely up to you. There are no hard-and-fast rules for picking your bra. Everything depends on your comfort level, which is crucial wherever you go and whatever you do. When you go bra shopping, just keep the factors we have discussed in mind. The idea of this blog is to help you pick your favourite bra with the desired number of hooks. We will be elated if you can pair that bra with a suitable outfit to look and feel your best!

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