6 Signs That Indicate You Need a Smaller Size Bra

Lingerie 101: 6 Signs You Need a Smaller Size Bra

Lingerie 101: 6 Signs You Need a Smaller Size Bra

The major purpose of lingerie is to provide support and comfort with every move. Every woman needs a well-fitted bra to elevate her appearance as well as her confidence. If you find yourself pulling up the bra straps and readjusting the cups, it’s a clear sign that you need a smaller size of bra.

Also, remember the fact that when your body changes, so does your breast size. Have you felt uneasy while wearing a bra? Does it hang like a loose T-shirt instead? Then you must switch to a smaller bra size.


A bra should secure the breasts and minimise bouncing, but if you feel your breasts bouncing inside the cups more than usual, you may need a smaller size bra. The discomfort and bouncing may be more easily noticeable in a moulded bra than in other types of bras. Remember that an unsupportive bra will not protect breast tissue. Downsizing would be the best solution to prevent bouncing.

Loose Underband 

A large underband is easily noticeable because it never sits on your ribcage; instead, it will hang loosely and be more uncomfortable and annoying. You will not get any support from the bra if it is loose. Sometimes, it can even cause skin irritation and rashes. You may feel the underband ride up, and you need to pull it down to the right position. To prevent these problems, you must downsize your bra size. For example, if you wear a 34C bra, downsize your bra to a 32D.

Breast Spillage 

If the underband doesn’t fit snugly, your breast will not fill the cups; rather, it will spill out whenever you move. Your breasts may spill out of the bottom or sides, i.e., near your armpit.

This spillage not only ruins your outfits, but it can also be annoying. You may find yourself adjusting your breasts inside the cups very often. The simple solution is to measure your bra size and downsize if needed.

Gaping Inside the Cups or at the Sides

A well-fitting bra should embrace your breast tissue closely, but if you notice gaps in the cup or wings, it will not provide complete support. Keep in mind that wearing an unsupportive bra will result in back pain and saggy breasts. Gaping is a sure sign that you need a new bra.

Underwire Issue 

The purpose of the underwire is to lift and support your breast. An underwired bra should sit properly under the roots of the breasts. If it digs into the breast tissue and doesn’t encapsulate your breast, you need to switch to a smaller size.

Falling Straps

If the bra straps fall off the shoulder, try adjusting them to the tightest setting. If you experience the same difficulties again and again, then it is time for a smaller bra.

Bottom Line

Sometimes women choose a bra randomly without worrying about the size or fit. However, for good support, you should know the exact measurements and sister sizing before you buy them.

Wearing perfect lingerie would glam up your look as well as boost your confidence level.

So understand the signs, measure yourself, and wear the right bra. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

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