Can We Wear a Sports Bra Under a Kurti?

Can We Wear a Sports Bra Under a Kurti? Find Out Here

Can We Wear a Sports Bra Under a Kurti? Find Out Here

We’ve had many users ask this question: “Can I wear a sports bra under a kurti?” and we want to shed some light on what’s right and wrong.

Before we proceed with our reasons and recommendations, we’d like to ask you a question: How many types of bras do you know? If your answer is more than 5, we assume you have tried most of them or at least a few of them. Every bra is built with a purpose, and so are sports bras.

Sports bras are meant to be worn during workouts, physical activities, yoga, and Zumba. You can wear your sports bras with kurtis while working out; however, we’d recommend you switch back to normal bras when you run errands or go about your normal routine.

Can We Wear a Sports Bra Under a Kurti

Here’s When You Should or Shouldn’t Wear Sports Bra Under a Kurti

ScenarioWear a Sports BraAvoid Wearing a Sports Bra
Working out in a kurtiYes
Running errands or doing household choresYes
Attending a formal event or functionYes
Wearing a tight-fitting or tailored kurtiYes
Wearing a kurti made of thin or sheer fabricYes
Dressing up for a casual outing with friendsYes
Going for a traditional or cultural occasionYes
Wearing a kurti with a deep necklineYes
Seeking maximum support and comfort for daily wearYes
Wearing a kurti with intricate embroidery or embellishmentsYes
Engaging in physical activities or sportsYes
Wanting a minimalist, smooth look under the kurtiYes
Wearing a kurti with a high or crew necklineYes
Concerned about bra straps showing under the kurtiYes (if the sports bra has thin straps)Yes (if the sports bra has thick straps)
Wearing a loose, flowy kurtiYes
Seeking to enhance the shape or appearance of your bustYes

*Do not give up your personal choices and preferences.

Though wearing a bra is your personal choice and preference, you must know that every bra is designed for a purpose, and you need to value that.

Here are Strong Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Sports Bra Under a Kurti All the Time [When Not Working Out]

  • Compression – You don’t want to compress your breasts all the time because they need some breathing space.
  • Fabric – The construction of sports bras and the fabric used are different from those of regular bras. So, opt for basic bras when you are not working out.
  • Excessive Heat – When lounging or running errands, you will need an everyday bra instead of a sports bra because it traps heat, making you sweat excessively.

Everyday casual bra

  • Limited Styles – Sports bras are often available in low, mid, and high-impact styles that do not match the style of your kurti. For example, you may not find sports bras with a plunging neckline to match your deep V-neck kurti (relatable?).
  • Why Wear a Sports Bra When You Have Other Options – When it comes to kurtis or other clothing styles, different types of bras work perfectly to offer you the style and silhouette you need. So, why wear a sports bra if you have other options available?

Final Words

According to lingerie experts, it is not recommended to wear sports bras under a kurti throughout the day. Occasionally, you can wear them based on the support you need, but why not look out for other options available?

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