Teenager Bra Size Chart

Teenager Bra Size Chart from Shyaway

Teenager Bra Size Chart from Shyaway

Determining a teenager’s bra size is more challenging for adults. As they are nearing puberty, their bodies go through rapid changes, resulting in growth in various body parts. So if you are buying your daughter her first bra, opt for a teenager’s bra or a beginner’s bra. Besides other factors, a tween bra is specially fashioned to protect their breasts during their growth. Keep reading to find out the teenager’s bra size chart and how to measure it.

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How Do You Choose a Teenage Bra as a Parent?

You must be well-informed about beginner bras and their impact on your girl. Some girls may feel enthusiastic about wearing a bra, while others feel awkward. Whatever it is, you must educate your girl on the importance of wearing one, explaining how it supports and protects their breasts.

You can start shopping for the right bra as soon as you notice their breast growth. There is no specific time to buy their first bra. Choose the teenager’s bra based on their tissue growth; it should fit them like a second skin and provide good coverage. Explore the many styles available, including padded, slip-on, and non-padded tween bras. Try different options until you find the right one. If you need clarification, check out the ultimate bra guide for first-time buyers.

How to Measure Bra Size for Teenage Girls

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Wrap the measuring tape around the ribcage right below the bust, ensuring it is neither too tight nor too loose. Place the tape evenly and note down the measurement before proceeding to measure the overbust.


To measure the overbust size, wrap the measuring tape right above the nipple. Record the measurement obtained for the overbust.

Shyaway Tween Bra Size Chart

How to Read the Shyaway Teenager Bra Size Chart?

With the help of this teen bra size chart, you can easily determine which size category the teen falls into. Check the measurements given in each column, comprising underband, overbust, and size.

Before buying a beginner’s bra, you should know the measurements. For instance, if the teen measured 65 cm in underband and 77 cm in overbust, XS is the right option. So based on the measurements, the size can be defined.

If your daughter doesn’t fall under these sizes, you can use our regular bra size calculator to determine the bra size.

Tips for Determining a Teenager’s Bra Size

Take the Measurements Regularly: Since your daughter is going through puberty, her body tends to grow and develop. Getting a bra fitted often is highly recommended.

Try on Different Styles: Bras come in various styles and features. Try different styles to explore which ones suit your daughter best and make you comfortable.

Pay Attention to the Fabric: Opt for cotton and microfiber bras, as they will be light and soft against teens’ skin.

Be Bold and Ask for Help: In case you need clarification on measurements and bra styles, approach a professional to help you. They will be able to measure and find the right bra for your daughter.

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How Often Should Teenagers Check Their Bra Size?

Similar to adults, they must get their bras fitted regularly, like once every six months. Because many factors could affect the growth, the size may vary, so it is better to get fit when you feel any changes after wearing a bra.

How Do I Know If a Teenager’s Bra Fits Correctly?

Teenager bras should fit like second skin and should not cause any irritation. They should encapsulate your breasts and provide a snug fit. Explore the latest collections of bras for teens.

What’s the Importance of a Well-Fitted Bra for Teenagers?

Wearing a well-fitted teenager bra supports the growing bust and prevents nipple show. Among all things, it will make them feel supported and confident in every move.

Are there Specific Bras Designed for Sports or Specific Activities for Teenagers?

For teens, they could opt for low-impact and medium-impact sports bras as per their breast sizes. You can explore the best and most wear-worthy styles of sportswear from Shyaway.

I hope this blog helps moms and their teens get the right bra and the right support. Also, read this blog to learn about the desirable bras a teen should own.

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