Top 7 Health Benefits of Sleeping in Cotton Nightw

7 Reasons Why Sleeping in Cotton Nightwear is Good for You

7 Reasons Why Sleeping in Cotton Nightwear is Good for You

If you’re counting stars at night, chances are you’re on the bed and the time is between 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The ideal bedtime for adults is between 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. 59% of India’s population goes to sleep after 11.00 PM. What’s affecting the sleep pattern? People blame the use of gadgets at night and the stressful work culture. It would be best if you fixed your sleep schedule sooner than later. Studies suggest that people rely on good sleepwear, a dedicated sleeping space, and good bedding to get a good night’s sleep. We also found that 74% of young women wear pyjamas to bed. We insist on sleeping in cotton nightwear to combat deteriorating sleep habits.

After a stressful day of work, we all want to have a restful night. Don’t we? Afterall a good sleep is essential for a healthy life. Some fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed, while others toss and turn the whole night. Today we will share 7 health benefits of sleeping in cotton nightwear.

1. Regulates Your Body Temperature

Cotton is a natural material that helps your body breathe throughout the night. Cotton is a natural insulator that keeps us dry during hot weather and warm during cold weather. It enables us to sleep comfortably even when our body temperature changes. If you sweat a lot at night, cotton sleepwear absorbs all the heat and sweat. You must read this article to learn more: How do night clothes alter thermal comfort during sleep?

2. Helps Fight Insomnia

Sleeping in cotton nightwear helps fight insomnia. Insomniacs go to sleep very late and wake up often. They also struggle with bad moods, an inability to concentrate, headaches, etc. The touch and feel of soft cotton fabric coupled with its durability make it a perfect fit. So, if you have trouble sleeping, it’s a sign to switch to cotton nightwear. You may also wear a cotton sleep bra for additional comfort.

3. Suitable for All Skin Types

Cotton is famous for its antiallergic nature. They are natural fabric which is chemical-free. It is suitable for people with super-sensitive skin and allergies. The chances of bacteria breeding in your cotton nightwear are extremely rare. It keeps you fresh all through the night.

4. Prevents Heat Rashes and Boils

You don’t have to worry about heat rashes and boils. They occur when sweat gets trapped in the skin. Heat rashes are very common in India. You can wear breathable cotton night suits to avoid prickly heat rashes. It provides good ventilation during warm climatic conditions.

5.  Encourages Sound Sleep

Measure your fit and buy the best nightwear that allows you to twist and turn at night without feeling uncomfortable. You may also read: how to choose the best nightwear for women to get some buying tips. The smooth and soft fabric provides a cool and comfortable feeling through the night.

6. Helps Fight Respiratory Diseases

If you are asthmatic or have wheezing issues, wearing cotton is best for you. It allows you to breathe clean air. Cotton is non-allergic, so it is really good for your health. Good-quality cotton sleepwear allows air to pass through it.

7. Sleeping in Cotton Nightwear Reduces Stress

Your stress levels will reduce if you sleep well. Soft, comfortable, and well-fitted sleepwear helps people sleep better. You’ll fall in love with yourself. Buy a suitable pyjama or nightwear set for stress-free sleep.

8. Low Maintenance

Cotton nightwear is easy to handle. But how does that contribute to health? Well, you don’t have to spend hours washing, drying, and ironing. You can wash them in a machine and dry them out. Low maintenance equals low stress and strain.

Whether you love shorts or pyjamas, it is a soothing feeling to wear good and comfortable sleepwear. Sleeping in cotton nightwear has an excellent effect on your health, and it allows you to sleep peacefully. So, choosing the right sleepwear does have a big impact on your health. What do you think?


Author Note: I’d like to thank Wakefit, Fitbit, and Costa Mesa for their interesting survey on nightwear and sleeping habits. I’ve shared their statistics in this blog for informational purposes.

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