Different Types Of Leggings - Ultimate Guide

Different Types of Leggings – Ultimate Guide

Different Types of Leggings – Ultimate Guide

We all know that leggings have become a wardrobe essential, available in extraordinary colours, sizes, patterns, lengths, and designs you love. If you are looking for some style inspiration for the different types of leggings you own, this is your go-to guide. For example, you can simply pair your workout leggings with an elegant bra top or crop top for a casual look. Read further for more inspiration from our fashion experts.

Types of Leggings 

If types of leggings are divided based on different aspects, there are 70 types of leggings available. However, each type may overlap with others as they are categorized based on design, features, occasion, fit, performance, purpose, and fabric.

Leggings come in various types, catering to different needs, styles, and occasions. Here are the 70 types of leggings: 

Leggings Type by Fabric and Material

  1. Cotton Leggings
  2. Polyester Leggings
  3. Nylon Leggings
  4. Spandex/Elastane Leggings
  5. Leather Leggings
  6. Faux Leather Leggings
  7. Velvet Leggings
  8. Denim (Jeggings)
  9. Wool Leggings
  10. Silk Leggings

Leggings Type by Purpose and Function

  1. Workout Leggings
  2. Yoga Leggings
  3. Running Leggings
  4. Compression Leggings
  5. Maternity Leggings
  6. Shapewear Leggings
  7. Thermal Leggings
  8. Loungewear Leggings
  9. Travel Leggings
  10. Casual Leggings

Leggings Type by Design and Style

  1. High-Waisted Leggings
  2. Mid-Rise Leggings
  3. Low-Rise Leggings
  4. Capri Leggings
  5. Ankle-Length Leggings
  6. Stirrup Leggings
  7. Cut-Out Leggings
  8. Mesh Panel Leggings
  9. Printed Leggings
  10. Color Block Leggings

Leggings Type by Activity and Performance

  1. Sports Leggings
  2. Dance Leggings
  3. Hiking Leggings
  4. Cycling Leggings
  5. Equestrian Leggings
  6. Athleisure Leggings
  7. Golf Leggings
  8. Skiing Leggings
  9. Gym Leggings
  10. Martial Arts Leggings

Leggings Type by Occasion

  1. Everyday Leggings
  2. Party Leggings
  3. Office Leggings
  4. Travel Leggings
  5. Holiday Leggings
  6. Festival Leggings
  7. Date Night Leggings
  8. Formal Leggings
  9. Streetwear Leggings
  10. Relaxation Leggings

Leggings Type by Features

  1. Pockets Leggings
  2. Seamless Leggings
  3. Ribbed Leggings
  4. Reflective Leggings
  5. Moisture-Wicking Leggings
  6. Quick-Dry Leggings
  7. Anti-Chafing Leggings
  8. UV Protection Leggings
  9. Anti-Odor Leggings
  10. Eco-Friendly Leggings

Leggings Type by Fit and Cut

  1. Tight Fit Leggings
  2. Loose Fit Leggings
  3. Straight Leg Leggings
  4. Flared Leggings
  5. Bootcut Leggings
  6. Wide Leg Leggings
  7. Cropped Leggings
  8. Split Hem Leggings
  9. Tapered Leggings
  10. Skinny Leggings

What Are the Different Types of Leggings?

Types of leggings

Leggings are available in unique prints, designs, and styles based on the latest fashion trends. Here’s a comprehensive style guide that gives you details about the features of different types of leggings and style tips.

1 ) High-Waisted Leggings:

High-Waisted Leggings


  • Sits high on the waist.
  • Useful for your workouts

Best Pair with:

Easily pairs with tunics, jacket, and tank tops

2 ) Side Seam Workout Leggings: 

Side Seam Workout Leggings


  • Offers best support due to the perfect-fit waistband
  • No skin irritation
  • It keeps you dry throughout the workout

Best Pair with:

Match it with a crop top, jacket along sneakers

3 ) Printed Leggings:

Printed Leggings


  • Provides you with a stylish look
  • Available in subtle designs, bold and striped patterns

Best Pair with:

Easily match with t-shirts, tunic and scarf

4 ) Zig Zag Leggings:

Zig Zag Leggings


  • Comfortable for running and gyming.
  • Perfect for cold climate
  • Offers a modern look for your outfits

Best Pair with:

Tunics and oversized tops will be perfect for zig-zag leggings

5 ) Ankle Mesh Leggings:

Ankle Mesh Leggings


  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool all the time
  • A breathable mesh panel ensures proper ventilation
  • Features stylish see-through mesh

Best Pair with:

Kurtis, fitted tops, sports bras and other tees are excellent for ankle mesh leggings

6 ) Capri Leggings:

Capri Leggings


  • Perfect for your holidays, especially when you spend time on the beach
  • Provides better comfort & breathability in the summer heat

Best Pair with:

Match these leggings with vests, button-down shirts, and blazers.

7 ) Yoga Leggings:

Yoga Leggings


  • Specially designed for yoga sessions
  • Features pockets on both sides
  • Made of stretchy materials like elastance

Best Pair with:

A simple tank top or t-shirt is perfect for yoga leggings

8 ) Stirrup Leggings:

Stirrup Leggings


  • Useful for sporting activities like skiing, aerobics, and ballet.

Best Pair with:

Match it with an oversized sweater and small heels

How to Buy the Right Leggings? 

You must be aware of several factors before choosing the right leggings.

Look at the Comfort 

Leggings fit you perfectly and allow easy movement without any restrictions. Unlike other pants, leggings are comfortable for any kind of activity because of their stretchable fabric and flexible design.

Choose the Right Fabric Suitable for Every Season

Wear cotton fabric during the summer and nylon or polyester during the cold season. If you choose your fabric according to the season, you can enjoy the benefits, and maintenance becomes easy.

Excellent Fit 

Apart from comfort and weather, you can also look at the fitting. Choose the leggings that fit you perfectly all the time. It must snugly fit, but not too tight.

All about Legging Fabrics

There are several fabrics for leggings that offer better comfort and flexibility.

Leggings Fabric Why to Use? 
  • Soft and durable
  • Easy for daily use
  • Breathable fabric is perfect for the summer season
  • Stretchable
  • Allows better flexibility and fit
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry
  • Sweat and water-resistant fabric
  • Suitable for sportswear
  • Better durability
  • Excellent for your workouts
  • Durable
  • Resilient and dries quickly

All about Legging Style

Styling your leggings is an easy task. You can match these with different types of outfits. Let’s have a look at it.


For a casual look, knot your regular t-shirt at the waist and style it with leggings. They make a perfect pair!

Sports Bra 

You can match a stylish sports bra with your leggings in the summer. It helps wick away your sweat and keeps you dry. You can wear colourful sports bras based on your legging colour. For example, you can style a red sports bra with your black leggings.

Tank Top 

Another perfect option for leggings is to match with tank tops. These tops provide better freedom of movement, support, and coverage. You can pair printed or patterned leggings with tank tops and shoes for a flawless look.


A jacket works well with leggings for a night out. You can rock jackets along with leggings for your outdoor moves. If you are going for a trip to the hill station, it’s better to wear a jacket along with your crop top and stylish leggings.

Oversized Tee

Apart from tank tops and jackets, what about oversized tees? These are excellent choices for leggings. An oversized tee makes the perfect match with leggings due to its soft fabric and loose outlook.

Now you have an idea about the types of leggings, their fabrics and features, and how to pair them with various outfits. Get the right leggings that provide better comfort, style, support, and flexibility.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Leggings

Material: Choose a fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and appropriate for the activity (e.g., cotton, spandex, polyester).

Fit: Ensure a snug fit without being too tight. Look for leggings that offer good stretch and recovery.

Length: Decide on the length based on your preference and the occasion. Options include full-length, 3/4th, and capri.

Waistband: High-waistbands offer more support and coverage, while mid-rise and low-rise are suitable for different preferences.

Opacity: Check for transparency by stretching the fabric. Opt for leggings that are opaque and provide adequate coverage.

Seams: Look for flat or minimal seams to avoid chafing and ensure comfort.

Style: Choose from various styles like printed, plain, mesh, or with side seams based on your fashion preference.

Purpose: Consider the primary use, whether for workouts, casual wear, or fashion, to select the most suitable type.

Size: Refer to the size chart and take accurate measurements to find the right size.

Durability: Look for leggings that are durable and can withstand frequent use and washing.

Price: Balance quality with affordability; investing in a good pair can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Leggings Fabric Guide

Leggings are versatile wardrobe staples loved for their comfort and flexibility. Understanding the different fabrics used in leggings can help you choose the right pair for your needs.

Nylon Fabric:

  • Lightweight and durable synthetic fabric.
  • Offers excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry during workouts.
  • Smooth texture that feels soft against the skin.
  • Highly elastic, allowing for freedom of movement.

Spandex Fabric:

  • Also known as Lycra or elastane.
  • Provides exceptional stretch and recovery, retaining shape after stretching.
  • Enhances flexibility and comfort, ideal for active wear.
  • Often blended with other fabrics for added stretch.

Polyester Fabric:

  • Synthetic fabric known for its strength and durability.
  • Resistant to shrinking, stretching, and wrinkles.
  • Moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for workouts.
  • Retains color well and easy to care for.

Nylon Spandex Fabric:

  • Combination of nylon and spandex fibers.
  • Offers the benefits of both materials: stretchiness and durability.
  • Ideal for leggings as it provides a snug fit and flexibility.

Polyester Spandex Fabric:

  • Blend of polyester and spandex fibers.
  • Combines durability with stretchability.
  • Smooth texture and moisture-wicking properties.

Nylon vs. Polyester:

  • Nylon is softer and more lightweight compared to polyester.
  • Polyester is more durable and resistant to abrasion.
  • Nylon absorbs more moisture than polyester.
  • Consider your preference for feel and performance when choosing between them.

Which Material is Better and How to Choose? When deciding between nylon, polyester, or blends?

  • Activity: Consider the intended use (e.g., yoga, running, casual wear).
  • Comfort: Evaluate fabric feel against your skin.
  • Durability: Assess how well the fabric holds up over time.
  • Moisture-wicking: Choose based on how much you sweat during activities.
  • Fit: Look for fabrics with adequate stretch for freedom of movement.

Choosing the right fabric ensures your leggings not only look good but also perform well during various activities. Whether you prioritize comfort, flexibility, or durability, understanding these fabric types empowers you to make an informed choice suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

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Why are leggings popular?

Leggings come in various sizes and styles to match your outfits. These provide better comfort, fit, and an elegant look.

How to style leggings?

You can pair your leggings with t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, oversized tees, and sports bras. All these leggings propose a stunning look for you.

What are leggings with feet called?

The leggings with feet are known as stirrup leggings. These are worn under the arch of the foot, which keeps your pants leg in the correct place. These cover the entire leg and secure your foot.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Leggings fit well and feel soft within the skin, but jeggings are a little rough and lightly textured. Jeggings are more semi-formal, however, leggings look casual.

What are gym leggings called?

Gym pants are also known as gym leggings, tights, or workout pants. These are stretchable and offer more durability because of their best-quality fabrics.

What are the most popular leggings?

The most popular leggings include high-waist, printed, and 3/4th leggings.

What is the name for legging shorts?

Legging shorts are commonly known as “bike shorts.”

What body type can wear leggings?

Leggings are versatile and can be worn by all body types.

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