Valentine’s Day Lingerie Trends to Follow This Y

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Trends for the Year

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Trends for the Year

Love, love, and more love! Yes, all of us deserve loads of it. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to express our love to all the people who make our lives special. It’s also the right time to love ourselves because self-love is a crucial part of our lives. This Valentine’s Day, take time to pamper yourself by getting a makeover and revamping your lingerie wardrobe with ultimate styles. That’s why we have come up with this blog on Valentine’s Day lingerie trends!!!

Are you a person who likes to wear lingerie based on zodiac signs? Here are some Valentine’s Day lingerie suggestions based on your zodiac sign!

Now, let’s spend a few minutes looking at some lingerie trends that will make you look pretty and fashionable in this season of love.

The Five Best Valentine’s Day Lingerie of 2024

1. Red Lace Bra

Red is the go-to colour for most of us this season, from roses to dresses and a lot of other stuff in red, including lingerie with lace! Take your Valentine’s Day spirits up a notch by wearing a beautiful red, wired bra with a lace neckline.

The wiring in the bra gives your breasts a lift, and the lace neckline offers a fancy look. It’s the perfect choice for any form-fitting outfit you can wear to that romantic candlelight dinner with your partner!

Valentine’s Day Lingerie


2. Pink Padded Bra

Pink is another colour that’s synonymous with Valentine’s Day. And a must-have lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

Pink padded bra

3. Balconette Bra

A balconette bra does magic for your appearance by providing an amazing look. Make it your fashion statement since it’s both pretty and trendy. This bra goes well with wide-necked outfits like boat-neck blouses. If sporting a classic look this Valentine’s Day is your idea, pair a boat-necked blouse or a dress!

Balconette Bra

4. Black Printed Bra

Valentine’s Day colours don’t have to stop with red and pink. Black and white are bold, beautiful, and evergreen. They are also cool colours of lingerie for Valentine’s Day. During your leisure time, take a look at the 12 Valentine’s Day lingerie gift ideas for self-care! If you wish to keep it simple by flaunting a cool T-shirt while going out with your partner, wear a black and white seamless T-shirt bra with heart-shaped prints, just like the one here!

Black printed bra

5. Chemise

A chemise is always a sensuous garment that’s very comfortable yet looks so chic. This satin chemise with heart-shaped prints is the perfect nightwear choice during this season of love.


6. Shapewear for a Sculpted Silhouette

Feel like getting decked out in ethnic wear this season? Stand out from the crowd by draping a colourful saree. Ditch the boring old petticoats or inskirts and try some shapewear to look like a goddess!

Saree Shapewear


Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets

You can match the red bra we have discussed already (in the previous section) with the Solid Thong panty given here to have your matching lingerie set for an attractive appearance!

If you need to pair your pink padded bra (from the previous section) with a panty, go for this Side Lace Bikini panty!

Where to Buy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2024? 

The lingerie you buy must make you feel comfortable and confident. There is no other place to get the lingerie of your desire than Shyaway. You can shop online at, or you can visit us on the second floor of VR Chennai, where our newly opened store is located. You can touch and feel our products and shop offline to your heart’s content! Reading about the customer experience and services at Shyaway will help you understand us better!

Make Way for True Love this Valentine’s Day!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog on Valentine’s Day lingerie trends. Surround yourself with people you love (or practice self-love in solitude!). Spend the special day by keeping your worries away and bringing on the cheer! Remember that love is always in the air, and this day is a reminder of that love and the hope it brings!


Which colour is suitable for Valentine’s Day?

Red, white, and pink are the colours synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Although these are the generally liked colours, there’s nothing wrong with choosing others. However, it is your choice when it comes to picking colours for outfits, accessories, roses, and other gifts.

What are trendy lingerie options for Valentine’s Day in India?

There are several options. Heart-shaped prints on bras, panties, and lingerie sets are trendy. Chemises and babydolls are things you can wear on romantic dates and getaways. Talking about colours in lingerie, red, white, and pink are forever trendy.

Where can I find romantic lingerie for Valentine’s Day in India?

You can find lots of romantic lingerie collections for Valentine’s Day at Shyaway. You can shop online at Shyaway or do it offline by visiting the Shyaway store at VR Chennai.

Any tips for choosing the perfect lingerie for Valentine’s Day in India?

We have several tips. Here are some of them:

  1. Buy lingerie that feels comfortable.
  2. Ensure you purchase bras and panties of your right size.
  3. If you have specific outfits in mind, opt for lingerie that goes well with those outfits.
  4. Choose bras with detachable straps or invisible bras for off-shoulder dresses.
  5. Use the discounts and offers specially available for Valentine’s Day.
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