How to Find the Best Bras for East-West Breast Sha

What are the Best Bras for East-West Breast Shape?

What are the Best Bras for East-West Breast Shape?

There are bra styles. In this blog, we’ll focus on everything about the east-west breast shape. An east-west breast is often round and gravitates away from the centre of your chest. Finding bras for the east-west breast shape might be challenging, but luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Characteristics of East-West Breasts 

  • The right and left breasts gravitate away from the centre of the chest to the sides.
  • Nipples point away from each other in opposite directions.
  • The inner part (around the chest) looks flat and empty.
  • Breasts are often smaller in size, with equal fullness on the top and bottom.

How Do You Know If You Have East-West Breasts? 

  1. The finger test is the simplest and easiest way to determine your breast shape. If you can fit three or more fingers between your breasts (or a full fist) without touching the breast tissue, you have east-west breasts.
  2. Stand in front of the mirror and look at your nipples. If your nipples sway in the opposite direction, you have east-west breasts.

What are the Common Bra Problems with East-West Breast Shape? 

The absence of cleavage, emptiness in the centre, and side spillage are the most common problems for anyone with an east-west breast shape. To solve these problems, you will need bras that have higher armholes, good side support, and side seams to push the breast tissues closer towards the centre. Find suitable bras for the east-west breast shape that add volume to the upper body and bring the breasts towards the chest line.

How to Find the Perfect Bra for the East-West Breast Type? 

There’s no one perfect bra for the east-west breast shape. You may need a bra with different features to support this type of breast. For example, you need to look for a combination of the below-mentioned features to get the right cleavage and support.

  • T-shirt cup
  • Side support
  • Full coverage
  • Moulded cups
  • Side boning
  • Wider side wings
  • Higher armhole
  • Underwires
  • Front closure

The Most Suitable Bras for East-West Breast Shape 

1. T-Shirt Bra [Side Boning, Underwires, Full Coverage]

  • The T-shirt cup gathers your breast tissues and moves them towards the centre.
  • Provides full coverage.
  • Underwires bring the breasts closer together.
  • Side boning to manage side spillage.

2. Side Encircled High Support Bra [Full Coverage, Higher Armhole]

  • Side encircles gently push your east-west breasts towards the centre.
  • It gives extra side coverage.
  • positions the breasts towards the centre.
  • Gives a balanced, even, and lifted look.

3. Full Coverage Bra [Side Seam]

  • Side seams move breast tissues to the centre.
  • Full-coverage, double-layered cups for support.
  • Comfortable for all day, every day.
  • The seams provide a rounded look.

4. Moulded Bra [Side Encircles]

  • An excellent bra for east-west breasts.
  • Moulded cups give good coverage.
  • Side encircles for better support and shape.
  • It is comfortable and functional.
  • It keeps the breast tissue centrally positioned.

5. Front Closure Bra [Underwires]

  • Pushes your breasts from the sides to the front.
  • Add an oomph effect to your cleavage.
  • Get a plain and smooth back.
  • Underwires for good support.
  • Push-up padding for a gentle lift.

Does all this east-west bra inspiration convince you? An east-west breast shape doesn’t make you less attractive. So, wear the right bra that suits your chest frame. Choosing the best bras for your east-west breasts can improve your confidence and help show off your figure.

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