What is an M-Frame Bra?

M-Frame Bra for Heavy Breasts

M-Frame Bra for Heavy Breasts

You already know that a three-part cup bra is excellent for heavy breasts. If you want a more toned, no-sag look, you should go for an M-frame bra. With just this one simple bra, you can effortlessly support and lift heavy breasts.

What is an M-Frame Bra? 

M-frame bra is a 3-section cup full coverage bra that provides superior contouring, shaping, and ultimate lift with body-hugging support. The side and back panel pushes the breasts inward and gives them an uplifted hold. The straps are rigid, and the full coverage ensures a no-spill and no-bulge look. It comes with wider straps and a longer back for high support.

What Is the Purpose of an M-Frame Bra?

high-support bra to get your look right. M-frame bras are available in band sizes from 32 to 44.

  • It is a sectioned cup bra with full coverage that provides extra support.
  • The M-frame cup restricts unwanted movement and shapes the breast.
  • A wire-free M-frame for flexible lift.
  • The seams will prevent your busts from sagging.

  • It has a wider strap and higher back for superior hold and immense support.
  • The side panel is breathable and flexible.
  • Full coverage for a spill-free look.

  • ‘U’ shaped back for side support and no-slip straps.
  • Fully adjustable straps for better comfort.
  • Wider hook and eye closure for better hold.

Who Should Wear This Bra?

Women who have the following feature should wear an M-frame bra.

  • Sagging breasts
  • Bigger and fuller breasts
  • Broad chest with a smaller bust

Our m-frame full coverage non-sag bras are specifically designed for those who’d love to sport their heavy breast confidently in all outfits. Whether you want to flaunt your cleavage or maintain your confidence, wear a beautiful M-frame bra that gives you the right support instantly.

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