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Why Front open bra?

Why Front open bra?

It’s too much of gymnastics each day for us ladies to wear a bra, right?  Some may know the art of wearing a bra and some have difficulty in reaching the back closure of the bra.

If you’re one among them struggling with the back closure, you don’t have to face any of that with front open bras.

A front open bra (also known as front-closure bra) usually has a clasp in front between your busts that you can snap open, and then slide apart. It can be a great alternative to your traditional bras, especially for women with elbow joint problems or to those with movement limitations.

There are more advantages to this bra which would make you fall in love with them.

Easy to wear

Front open bras are known for their ease of wear. You don’t have to do any funky fight dance like you do with your usual back closure bras. Simply fasten the clasp in the front without facing any difficulty, that means you can do it in the first go itself. How cool is that?

Smoothens your silhouette

These bras smoothen your back and give you no-bump look as they have no hook and eye for the back closure. There are also front closure bralettes with pretty back-lace designs, which are great for weekend wear or for a date night.

Good for wide-set breasts

Women with wide-set breasts usually look for a bra that can help them achieve a centered look rather than sideways. Front open bras position the busts inward towards the center as you clasp the cups together and these bras give you a natural shape to your busts.


There is a sensual appeal to the front open bra as most of the front open bras come with plunging necklines. You can match it with tricky dresses with low cut necklines and flaunt your cleavage.

Also, this bra works well for women on the smaller side, because they provide that extra boost and more solid support from the front closure.

For women with limitations in arm movement

Women who are suffering from arthritis, arm joint problems or those who face any restriction in reaching the back closure can switch to front open bras.

Offer a supportive fit

Front open bras offer the same support that your traditional bras provide, but make sure the center clip lies flat against your chest. It should neither be so tight that it digs your skin nor gaping apart. Remember they do not have any adjustable back hook, so getting the right fit before you buy is one important step to keep in mind.


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