The Most Functional Bras for Wide-Set Breasts that

What are the Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts?

What are the Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts?

We know it can be a little challenging to find bras for wide-set breasts because most bras are designed for close-set breasts. That’s why we have curated the perfect combination of features to fit your wide-set (side-set) breasts perfectly.

What are the Characteristics of Wide-Set Breasts? 

  • A large gap between the two breasts.
  • Like the east-west type with more space between the breasts. 
  • The breasts are full and round.
  • The centre of the chest is visible and empty. 
  • The nipples of the breasts face forward.

How Do You Know If You Have Wide-Set Breasts? 

Step 1: Insert three fingers between your breasts. If you can fit three fingers or more, you have a wide-set breast or east-west breast. 

Step 2: Take off your bra and stand in front of the mirror. If the centre part of the chest is empty, you may have a wide-set breast or an east-west breast. 

Step 3: Note the nipple position carefully. If they face forward, you have wide-set breasts. If they face sideways, you have east-west breasts

Are Wide-Set (Side-Set) Breasts the Same as East-West Breasts? 

No. Though they almost look similar, there’s a clear difference between both types of breasts. In the east-west breast type, the breasts look smaller, and the nipples point outward. Whereas in the wide-set type, the breasts look larger and fuller, and the nipples point forward. Wide-set breasts have more space between each breast than east-west breasts. 

What are the Most Common Bra Problems with Wide-Set Breasts? 

  • There’s too much gaping at the centre of the bra. 
  • Emptiness in the centre of the cup. 
  • Breasts may spill out on the sides. 
  • The centre is flat with no cleavage. 

To address these issues, you will need bras that pull and lift your breasts closer together. Look for bras that have a higher centre gore, a higher cut armhole, and side support to cover the sides and create good cleavage. 

The Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts

1. Front Closure Bra

This is one of the best bras for wide-set breasts. Don’t feel self-conscious about the gap between the breasts. The supportive front closure clasps gently pull the breasts towards the front and secure them. Front-closure bras support your breast tissues from the sides and push them towards the front to create a nice cleavage. The lace back and plunging neckline are added advantages.

2. Balconette Bra

A balconette bra with a rounded cup prevents side spillage of breast tissues, which is one of the common problems with wide-set breasts. Secondly, the side boning of this type of bra pushes the breast tissue towards the centre for a fuller look. The underwire plays a major role in lifting your breasts, and the high-centre gore fills the gap between your breasts. 

3. Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Full-coverage t-shirt bras give your breasts a smooth appearance and fit your breasts perfectly without causing discomfort for all-day wear. The higher armhole is the best feature of this bra, which works well with wide-set breasts. Additionally, this bra comes with a wider band than those found in average bras. This allows the bra cup to accommodate your breasts without spillage. 

4. Plunge Bra with Wider Centre Gore

Cover the annoying emptiness of your chest with amazing plunge bras. The wide gore allows the cup to cover your breast without any gaping. You can achieve the desired cleavage with this style of bra, which will pull your breasts closer and make them look full in a natural way. 

5. Pushup Bra

The contoured cup, along with the plunge style, is one of the best bras for wide-set breasts. The special padding provides an extremely good lift and shapes your breast. One highlight of this bra is the cleavage. If you’re after natural cleavage with no side spillage, then a pushup bra is a good choice. 

6. Side Encircle Bra

The side encircles help structure wide-set breasts. The higher-cut armholes and side support panel push the breast tissues on the sides of the cup to the centre. Bras with side support will allow a more secure fit. It directs the bra towards the centre of the chest without causing spillage. It prevents bulges, too. 

7. Racerback Bra

This style of cami bra with a racerback helps gather your breast tissue to the front instead of the sides. The padding works well, as it gently supports and comforts your breast. Cami bras made of soft and stretchy fabric are comfortable for daily use. The underband gives all the support you need for your breasts without compromising comfort. 

Always choose a bra style that embraces your breast type. If you have wide-set breasts, you can try front closure, racerback, and plunge-style bras with enough padding, side support, and higher gore. Choose bras based on the suggestions given to achieve good support and the right cleavage. If you have any questions, talk to our fitting experts now!

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