Would you like to hang your bra on this fence? - S

Would you like to hang your bra on this fence?

Would you like to hang your bra on this fence?

Ever thought of a bra exhibition displaying hundreds of bras? From bras for small figure to bra with the largest cup size all are exhibited in this rural fence in central Otago, in New Zealand. Yes, a rural fence has got all the varieties and best-designed bras in the world.

This interesting fence with bras stretched as far as the eye could see might appear to you as a women’s liberation monument but it has a mysterious beginning and fascinating story. It not only pulls in many tourists from various parts of the world; but the fence has also turned into a fundraising spot for breast cancer.

 The beginning

The fence that sits beside the Cardrona valley road was nothing more than a roadside fence during 1998. The largely unknown fence turned into a tourist hotspot because of a mysterious scene that happened in 1999. A new year’s eve or so, residents of Cardrona found four bras hanging on the fence which caught the eye of everyone in the town. Just months after this incident 60 bras were fluttering in the breeze.

Seeing these passers-by began to attach their bras to the fence. Down the line, today the number of bras has grown to thousands and the bra fence is a quirky tourist attraction.

The controversy turned into a ritual

The oh-so attractive rural fence of Cardrona was not liked by all. Some residents felt defensive and thought that the addition of undergarments cheapened their area. Controversies began whether to have the fence or not. Few locals cited the fence as a traffic hazard and removed the bra with help of the council in 2006.

But the supporters of the fence started to add bras again to the fence. Again opponents cut away the bras while the supported graced the fence with a new collection of bras. This battle between fence fans and defenders went on till 2014. Finally, the fence was relocated and fence fans were allowed to carry their ritual of tying bras to the fence for a worthy cause this time.


The sparkling popularity of the fence not only made thousands of tourists stop by and pose in front of it or leave their bras on it, but also donate some money. The fence of Cardrona was rebranded as Bradrona to raise money for the New Zealand breast cancer foundation. Initially, the donations were roughly around $200 every day. As of 2017, Bradrona has raised $30,000 for the breast cancer foundation.

It’s almost been 20 years after the first bras were hung yet the bra fence continues to fascinate more and more tourists. And definitely, Bradrona is drawing the attention of visitors, tourists, locals and bringing awareness about Breast cancer in quite a unique way.

Whatever controversy or ritual the fence carries; a bra a day is helping keep cancer away!

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