10 Simple Things for Good Vaginal Health

Basic Things at Home for a Good Vaginal Health

Basic Things at Home for a Good Vaginal Health

Honestly, your vagina doesn’t need much help when it comes to staying healthy and clean. If you have vaginal discharge that doesn’t smell or tinge, you can continue doing what you already do. It is a self-cleaning machine that adjusts to the environment naturally. If you want to find out the best way to take care of your intimate hygiene, continue reading. Tiny tweaks in your routine like proper cleaning, switching to comfortable panties, and eating healthy food are all you need for good vaginal health.

Refresh Your Routine with These 10 Simple Tips for Good Vaginal Health

Maintaining an intimate hygiene routine is essential for all ages. You don’t have to spend a lot on the ‘so-called feminine hygiene product’. We have put together some of the simplest and easiest tips to feel clean and healthy down there.

1. Always Wipe Front to Back

After going to the bathroom, you have to wipe your vagina and anus separately so that both the rectum and vagina don’t become contaminated. If you pee, you have to wipe from front to back and not the other way around.

2. Use a Gentle Soap

Use a gentle or mild, non-fragrant soap to clean your private parts. Washing it with warm water is also an ideal choice.

3. Avoid Douching

Do not flush your vagina with the douche. It can clean up healthy vaginal secretions too. Do not let it disrupt the normal vaginal bacteria.

4. Groom It

You are free to remove your pubic hair, and we’d recommend you use a razor. But make sure you do it the right way. Use a new blade every time. Apply a warm compress to the area to reduce pain, redness, and discomfort after shaving.

5. Change Sanitary Napkins Every 4 Hours

If you have normal blood flow, you should change the napkin every 3–4 hours. For heavy flow, you must change it every 2-3 hours. If you are wearing a tampon, you need to change it every 6 hours.

6. Pee After Sex

Peeing washes out any bacteria that may have been transferred from your partner. You can reduce the risk of an UTI by peeing immediately after sex.

7. Keep Your Panties Dry

Wet panties can put you at risk of vaginal infections. You should always keep your panties dry. If you tend to sweat more, choose fabrics that absorb sweat.

8. Wear Properly Fitted Underwear

Find the right panty size to stay comfortable and happy throughout the day. Wearing tight panties can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria.

9. Eat Healthy

Ensure your food has good antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, protein, and probiotics. Drink plenty of water to maintain the pH balance of your vagina. Yogurt, ginger, soy, and avocado are also good for vaginal health.

What Should You Avoid for a Healthy Vagina?

Excessive candy and alcohol can promote yeast infections. High sugar can change the pH level of your vagina, allowing the growth of bacteria and other infection-causing organisms.

10. Go Commando

Sleeping without underwear can be healthy for your vagina. Ditching your panties can help your vaginal breath.

11. Surprise Tip!

Firstly, don’t be overly concerned about your vaginal hygiene. Secondly, these tips are not a replacement for any medical condition.

Take care of your vaginal health and try your best to avoid unwanted infections by following these simple tips. Consult your doctor if you experience vaginal itching, burning, or coloured vaginal discharge. If you are looking for a good panty, shop for the best panty now.

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