How Should the Centre Gore of a Bra Fit?

How Does the Centre Gore of a Bra Fit?

How Does the Centre Gore of a Bra Fit?

How do you buy a bra that fits right? You have to measure your underbust and overbust, anatomy of a bra, you will understand the importance of the centre gore. In this blog, we tell you how it defines the fit and coverage of your breasts.

What is a Centre Gore? 

It is the triangular section on the front of your bra where the cups, band, and underwire come together. The size of the centre gore determines how close or separated your breasts will be.

What is the Function of the Centre Gore? 

  • It connects the cups and keeps the breasts separate.
  • It determines the coverage and exposure of your breasts.
  • It determines how narrow or wide your breasts will be.

How Should the Centre Gore of a Bra Fit? 

If the band and cup size of your bra are the right size, the centre gore should lay flat on your sternum. You should be able to move freely, and the gore shouldn’t press too hard on your chest.

Clear Signs That Your Centre Gore Doesn’t Fit You

1. The Band is Too Big

If the band is too big, it rides up in the back. In that case, you can go down a band size and up a cup size. If you can fit more than two fingers between the band and your torso, you need a smaller band size.

2. The Cup Might be Too Small 

If the bra cup is small, it will lead to breast spillage on the top, sides, and even at the bottom. You will even find bulging skin near your underarm. Sometimes, you will even notice the underwire poking the top of your breast tissue. It is a clear sign that the centre gore of the bra doesn’t lay flat on your chest. In that case, you should go up a cup size.

3. Change the Style of the Bra

If you still have trouble finding the perfect fit, it could be due to the wrong style of bra. You need to try different styles of bra based on your breast type.


Styles of Bra and Their Different Centre Gores

Bra StyleCentre-gore TypeFunction

Balconette Bra

medium centre goreIt separates the breasts, with a little bit of cleavage on the top of the cup.

Sports Bra

Deep centre goreIt gives more coverage to the breasts and minimizes vertical bounce

Plunge Bra

Narrow/Low Centre GoreIt supports breasts that are very close and gives the right amount of cleavage on the top

Demi-Cup Bra

Narrow Centre GoreIt will separate your breasts and won’t cut into your breast tissues

Full-Coverage Bra

High Centre GoreIt gives you enough space in the cup for your heavy breasts to fill in


Breast Type and Centre Gore Recommendations

Image for the table:

Breast TypeExplanationCentre Gore Recommendations
Equally full at the top and bottomMedium or High Centre Gore
Space between the breasts with a low amount of breast tissuesLow Centre Gore
Wider space between the breastsA low or medium-gore
The breasts meet in the middle of the chest, and they are close to each other.Narrow Gore
Breasts are closer to the torso and spread out on your chest.Medium Gore


The centre gore of a bra plays a vital role in defining the fit and style of your bra. You can try and experiment with the styles that work for you because no one style or size fits all. If you still aren’t comfortable with the fit of the bra, it is essential to get it fitted by a professional. A bra fitting expert will recommend the best style for your breast shape. Talk to our experts now.

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