Discover the Reasons Behind Your Uncomfortable Bra

Lingerie 101: Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Bigger Bra Size

Lingerie 101: Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Bigger Bra Size

The first thing to wear when you dress up is “lingerie”, which acts as a second layer of skin. We completely understand that it may be annoying to wear an ill-fitting bra because it is supposed to be comfortable. Women’s bodies undergo a lot of changes during their entire lifespan. So upgrade your bra to a bigger size whenever it demands it.

Finding the perfect fit for your unique body shape may be challenging, but when you measure yourself correctly, you can get an accurate measurement. You can also seek guidance from a lingerie expert to learn more about bra fitting. Continue reading to learn signs that you need a larger bra size.

How do you know if you should buy a Bigger Bra?

Buying a bigger bra is usually recommended when you experience certain changes in your body. Check out some of the signs that you need a larger bra size.

Band Discomfort

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The underband holds the primary support of your bra. If your current bra feels too tight, causes red marks, digs into your skin, or feels uncomfortable overall, it might be a sign that you need a larger band size. Red marks are common and temporary on women’s delicate bodies, but when you experience unavoidable pain, itching, and bruising, you must take action.

If using a bra extender to make some changes to your favourite bra doesn’t work well, consider a bigger size.


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A small cup size can massively result in bulging and spillage. Fuller breasts have a higher chance of side spillage that causes discomfort in your t-shirt or any other skin-fitting top. Try wearing a side support bra with moulded cups that push the breast towards the centre and provide a flattering fit.

Body Changes

As we have mentioned previously, bodily changes are common, and there is nothing to worry about. Some of the changes are puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and the natural ageing process. Make sure you fix your lingerie according to your transformation.

Uncomfortable Underwire

Underwires usually enhance support and provide better lift and separation. If the underwire in your bra digs into your breast tissue, causing an unbreathable effect along with pain, then it is a clear indication that the cups are too small.

Bra Straps

When your bra straps are slipping off the shoulder, adjust your bra until it sits perfectly. But if you experience limited movement even after attempting several adjustments, then consider it a sign that you need a larger bra size.

Lack of Support

If you wear the wrong size bra or the bra loses elasticity, it is time to consider other options. Wearing an ill-fitted bra can result in breast sagging, poor posture, discomfort, and unexplainable pain.

Bottom Line

Never assume your bra size for yourself. Whenever you face discomfort, measure your bra and replace old bras every six months. Switching to a bigger bra for a better fit and support would be the best option when you face any of the difficulties we discussed above. I hope this blog is useful!

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