7 Best Breathable Bras for Summer 2024

The Expert-Approved Breathable Bras for Summer 2024

The Expert-Approved Breathable Bras for Summer 2024

The sun is out, vitamin D levels are high, and your holiday plans are finally on because it’s summer. You can now officially ditch your winter clothing and switch to summer pants, pyjamas, breathable bras, maintain your thermal comfort. The most breathable summer fabrics are cotton, modal, bamboo, linen, and polycotton. The general rule of thumb for your summer lingerie is to choose light colours that reflect sunlight because dark colours absorb heat.

Why Do you Need Breathable Bras this Summer? 

  • It helps prevent overheating.
  • Allows air to travel through the bra.
  • Absorb moisture from your body and release it through the bra.
  • Makes you super comfortable despite the heat.
  • Feels soft and lightweight.

Have you heard of the moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR)? It is the speed at which moisture and heat from your body move into the air through your bra. MVTR decides the breathability of the fabric. We’ve rounded up 2024’s summer bra collections based on their breathability.

Breathable Bras for Your Summer Wardrobe

1. Dubarry Scallop Neck Cotton Bra

This scallop-neck bra is ideal for any climate. You’ll instantly fall in love with this t-shirt bra that allows air to flow freely through the fabric. Wear this bra that keeps you cool and dry all through the day. It is a great choice for those who are looking for hypoallergenic fabrics. Available in many sizes, this is a fast-selling bra on Shyaway.

2. Skylight Seamed Cup Cotton Bra

Yet another bestseller from Shyaway. Made of natural fibre, this is one of the breathable bras that is perfect for summer 2024. It absorbs sweat and keeps you cool all day. We’d recommend this for both indoors and outdoors. Beat the summer heat with this amazing bra.

3. Lavender Full Coverage Modal Sleep Bra

The summer heat may make it hard for you to fall asleep. It can even affect how well you sleep. Feel refreshed and energised with this amazing modal bra that keeps you cool at night. Modal fabric is soft, light, and airy, with a breathable soft texture. Did you know sleep bra to your summer lingerie wardrobe.

4. Peony Pink Contrast Neckline Polycotton Bra

Our Shyle peony pink bra is comfortable and durable. It is a mix of natural and synthetic fibres designed for maximum airflow. This is suitable for all weather, and you can feel the heat escaping from your body. Wear this bra to absorb moisture and feel dry even on a sweaty day. Interestingly, this ultra-soft bra blends with your skin, so you won’t feel like wearing a bra.

5. Lilac Padded Nylon Bra

We recommend this nylon bra for those who don’t want to feel wet at all. It’s made of synthetic fibre and is known for its moisture-wicking properties. This super-cool bra allows sweat to evaporate off the surface of the fabric, keeping you dry all the time. It is easy to wash and dry. Don’t worry about wrinkles because this bra holds its shape even after several uses.

6. White Bottom Encircled Cotton Bra

A must-have bra this summer, it is ideal for dry heat as it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Made of lightweight fabric, this casual everyday bra is breathable, soft, and easy to wear. The simple design makes it the best choice for summer.

7. Grey Seamless Padded Cotton Elastane Bra

Grey reflects elegance and simplicity. If you are looking for a beautiful option this summer, you need this cotton-elastane bra. It has antibacterial qualities and doesn’t retain odours even after many hours of wear. This bra will keep your breasts dry in the heat and absorb moisture. You’ll feel beautiful inside and out.

Hope you love all our latest breathable bras for summer 2024. Explore the new style and go trendy this summer.

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