Panty Size Chart: A Complete Guide

Panty Size Chart: Your Guide to Finding Your Size

Panty Size Chart: Your Guide to Finding Your Size

Knowing your outfit size is standard. But have you ever tried to find out if you’re wearing the right size panty? Wearing the wrong size panty can leave you with skin bulges, restricted movement, underwear wedges, fabric bunch-ups, an itchy bottom, as well as yeast or bacterial infection. So, it is important to measure your hip size and use the panty size chart to find the perfect fit. As size charts vary across bands, we will help you choose something that suits your needs and gives you the desired comfort and fit.

Panty Size Chart

Before presenting the actual size chart, it is important to note that every country follows a different sizing system and labelling. This means you will come across panty sizes labelled ‘L’ or ‘M’ in India, whereas you’ll see ‘Size 1’ or ‘Size 2’ in France, ‘5’ and ‘6’ in the US, and ‘38’ and ‘40’ in Europe.

Given below are the women’s panty size charts for India, the US, the UK, Australia, Europe, Italy, France, and Japan. For example, if your hip measurement is 99 cm, your panty size will be L in India, 7 in the US, 14 in the UK, 42 in Europe, 4 in Italy, Size 3 in France, and XL in Japan.

Hip Measurement [in CM]IndiaU.SUK/AustraliaEuropeItalyFranceJapan
75-82XS481Size 0
83-89S510382Size 1M
90-97M612403Size 2L
98-104L714424Size 3XL
105-112XL816445Size 4LL
113-119XXL918466Size 53L
120-127XXXL1020487Size 64L
128-134XXXXL1122508Size 75L

How Do You Find Your Panty Size Using the Panty Size Chart? 

Your panty size shouldn’t always be a guessing game. The best way to find your fit is to measure yourself so that you can select the correct size panty that gives you the fit you expect. Don’t worry about finding the right size, because we’ll help you choose the best panty based on your hip size.

How to Measure Panty Size? 

How to Measure Panty Size

  1. Use a measuring tape to measure the hip (fullest part) size.
  2. The tape must be parallel to the floor, and the fit must be snug (not too tight or loose).
  3. Record the measurement in centimetres (CM).
  4. Refer to the panty size chart or use a panty size calculator to determine the correct size.

I hope you now know to look at the panty size chart and select the right size for you. Along with the size, it is also important to know how your panties should fit. Here are a few things you may consider when selecting the right fit for you.

How Should Panties Fit? 

How Should Panties Fit

Panties should feel snug but also comfortable. You shouldn’t feel too restricted, yet they shouldn’t feel loose, as they are prone to sagging and falling. Here’s how your panties should fit:

  • They should feel like a second skin.
  • Provide unrestricted movement.
  • Lie discreetly under your clothes.
  • Offer enough coverage and support.
  • The waistband should lie flat against your skin.

If you know the dos and don’ts of buying panties, you may consider the styles based on your booty shape and body frame to achieve the desired fit.

Choose a Panty Based on Your Booty Shape 

Choose a Panty Based on Your Booty Shape 

After determining the right size, selecting the best style can provide a flattering fit. Compare the table below and choose the best option for you.

Have you found the right fit, yet? If not, you can try panties based on your body shape.

Select Your Panty Style Based on Your Body Shape

Select Your Panty Style Based on Your Body Shape

Does this help? We understand you’re seeking something more. Are you looking to avoid the most common panty mistakes and choose the perfect solution? Read this now, and thank us later!

How Do You Choose the Right Panty to Avoid the Most Common Panty Problems?

How Do You Choose the Right Panty

Based on customer experiences and expert suggestions, I’ve compiled some of the most common panty problems and their solutions. Try them yourself, and let us know how you feel.

Frequently Asked Questions on Panty Size Chart, Fitting, Measurements, and More

1. Is Panty Size Chart Useful for Me? 

Yes. It will help you choose your perfect panty size.

2. How Can I Be Sure About My Panty Size? 

If you don’t want to play a guessing game, use a measuring tape to find your size and be sure about it.

3. Are Female and Male Underwear Sizes the Same? 

No, male underwear sizes are based on waist size, and female panty sizes are defined based on hip measurements.

4. What is the Average Panty Size of Indian Women? 

M and XL are the average panty sizes of Indian women; however, use the panty size calculator to determine your size accurately.

5. What Does 90CM in a Panty Mean, and Is It Big or Small? 

It indicates an L-size panty that fits a hip size of 90cm. It is considered a large-size panty.

6. What Size is an 85 CM Panty? 

It is a medium-sized panty.

7. Who Can Fit into an XL Panty Size? 

If your hip size falls between 105-112 cm you can fit into an XL panty.

8. Should I Size Up or Down My Panty Measurement? 

No, it is always best to wear the correct size for the perfect fit.

9. Is the International Panty Size Chart Useful for Me? 

Yes, if you are planning to buy from international lingerie brands, you need to be aware of their sizing system.

Final Words

With extensive experience in the lingerie industry and working closely with lingerie designers and manufacturers, I’ve picked up some crucial information about panty size charts, fittings, and other useful details. I hope you find them useful. Feel free to experiment with new styles and ensure you wear the right fit.

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