About 75% of adult women have yeast infections at least once in their lifetime. As per researchers, the best solution to prevent yeast infection is to wear good cotton underwear…

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How many of you know that lingerie is one of the essential parts of your outfit? And if you don’t choose the right undergarments, you will end up with wardrobe…

Popular post Nov 17, 2021

Panty is indeed one of the bare essentials in the wardrobe. Wearing panties has a plethora of benefits, from acting as the barrier between vagina and clothes to preventing you…

Popular post Nov 15, 2021

Saree is the favourite outfit for every woman but in order to get a sculpted look, you have to choose the right intimates. Not only does saree shapewear play a…

Popular post Oct 27, 2021

Panties are one of the ultimate requirements in a lingerie wardrobe, selecting the right panty type can put you in a lot of dilemmas. Since there are various styles of…

Popular post Aug 14, 2021

When it comes to panty style, fabric matters! Panties are the most essential undergarments in every woman’s lingerie drawer. Every panty fabric will offer something you need. Some fabrics have…

Popular post Aug 10, 2021

Every girl and woman does have matching and suitable bras for every occasion and outfit, but how many of you have suitable panties to match your outfit? But with a…

Popular post Aug 6, 2021

It is very rare to see panties as pretty as these. These panties from shyle are specially crafted and beautifully sewn to adorn your derriere. This chick style undergarment is…

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