What is Thong: Meaning, Types, Benefits, and Weari

What is Thong?

What is Thong?

Have you even wondered what is a thong? We have the answer for it. Thongs are the perfect everyday underwear for women because they eliminate visible panty lines under clothing to ensure a seamless look. Are you thinking what makes them more popular? Despite their minimal coverage, thongs offer more comfort, support, and freedom of movement. Apart from these, different varieties of thongs offer several benefits. Let’s delve more into it. 

What Is the Meaning of Thongs?

Thongs are tiny triangular panties with a thin string that lies between the buttocks and connects to the waistband. These are made of breathable fabrics such as spandex and cotton and are beautified with tiny bows, sleek waistbands, and quirky prints. Additionally, thongs can be used as an outfit or underwear for swimming, similar to a bikini. Most women find them appealing because they help avoid visible panty lines. 

What Are the Different Types of Thongs?

Thongs are categorised into different types based on their coverage, style, and fabric. You can explore these types and choose the panty that suits your body shape. 



A G-string is a triangular piece of cloth with an elastic band or string at the rear end. Wearing a g-string eliminates visible panty lines and makes you feel more confident and stylish. Most G-strings come with gusset linings for better comfort and hygiene. It is perfect for pairing with bodycon dresses and other fitting garments. 


Cheeky panty


This thong style offers quite some coverage at the back and offers decent exposure to the buttocks. It comes with a concealed elastic waistband and wide leg openings. If you want more coverage for your hips and tummy, you can opt for a thong. 


Cotton thong

Cotton thongs are made of breathable, soft cotton fabric to protect you from the tropical climate. The cotton gussets in this thong keep you fresh and offer good hygiene. 


lace thong

If you want a stunning look in a thong, the lace fabric is a fantastic choice. Delicately designed in pretty lace, it offers elegance all day. 

Besides thongs, there are a wide variety of underwear styles available on the market, such as hipsters, boy shorts, tummy tuckers, and more. If you understand the difference between a thong and a bikini or the difference between a thong and a hipster, you will know which panty is best for you. 

Benefits of Wearing a Thong

Why do women wear thongs? From comfort to confidence, there are a lot of benefits to wearing thongs. Some pros of wearing thongs are listed below: 


Most women like to wear a thong because it makes them feel more comfortable. If you find the right fit and fabric, you can feel the perfect balance of comfort and movement. The cotton thong offers better breathability and durability throughout the day. 

No More Visible Panty Lines 

When it comes to underwear, most women want a pair that doesn’t show the signs of visible panty lines. You can be confident and more hygienic when wearing a thong every day. Apart from bodycon dresses, thongs can also be worn underneath skinny jeans and fitted pants. 

Elevate your shape

Wearing a thong can improve your figure and flaunt your beauty. It will let you show the natural shape of your body in tight-fitting outfits. 

When Should You Avoid Wearing a Thong?

There are some situations when you should probably not wear a thong. Here are a few instances you must take care of: 

During Periods 

Thongs are not suitable for your menstruation cycle because there is no space for keeping your pad. Wearing a thong with a pad causes a high risk of bacterial infections, resulting in vaginal infections. 

Pregnancy Time 

The close contact of the thong with your body increases the moisture level, which could affect pregnancy. Hence, it’s better to stick with breathable panties during pregnancy and avoid thongs completely. 


You may feel discomfort when you wear a thong during exercise; you sweat and move a lot at that time. Try to avoid thongs when you exercise heavily and wear full-coverage briefs. 

Hope you have an idea about the types and benefits of wearing thongs. You can switch your underwear styles instead of sticking to the same one. Consider using comfortable and breathable thongs, depending on your preference.

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When should you wear a thong?

You can wear a thong to avoid panty lines that may disrupt your outfits. Start with comfortable cotton materials that offer better protection and enhance your confidence.

Why is it called a thong?

A thong is a kind of panty style that is incredibly thin and extremely cosy and gives a fresh feeling every day. They are cute because they don’t cover your butt and come with a narrow V-shape that will dig into your butt at the back.

Why do girls like thongs?

Girls prefer thongs because it makes you feel more comfortable compared to normal panties. It comes in soft mesh, cotton, and lace fabrics matching your leggings and tight jeans. 

Is it okay for girls to wear thongs?

A perfectly fitted and comfortable thong is best for you. A cotton thong is the best choice when it comes to natural breathable fabric and easy maintenance. 

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