27 Different Types of Women's Panties

What Are The Different Types of Women Panties?

What Are The Different Types of Women Panties?

Many of us tend to overlook the importance of having various styles and types of panties. We often stick to one or two pairs, not realising the benefits that different types of panties can offer. However, diversifying your underwear collection brings numerous advantages and styles, so it can be overwhelming to choose the right pair. In this blog post, we will explore different types of women panties and why it is essential to have different types of panties in your wardrobe. 

Why are they called panties?

The term “panties” is derived from the word “pants,” which originally referred to a garment covering both legs individually, worn from the waist to the ankles. Over time, “pants” came to mean trousers or bottoms that cover the legs from the waist down.

“Panties” specifically refer to undergarments worn by women and girls that cover the groin area and buttocks. The term likely emerged as a diminutive form of “pants,” indicating a smaller, more intimate version of the garment. It has been in use since the early 20th century, gaining widespread acceptance as the standard term for women’s underwear.

What Are the Different Types of Women Panties?

1. Cotton Panties

Cotton panty

A cotton panty is a type of underwear that is made from cotton fabric and is an ideal choice for all body types and climatic conditions. It comes in a variety of styles, including briefs, bikinis, thongs, and boyshorts. It allows for better air circulation, which helps prevent moisture buildup, reduces the risk of irritation or infection, and keeps your skin dry and cool.

2. Cheeky or Cheekini Panties

For those who are looking for an alluring fit, look no further than cheeky underwear. It is the perfect medium between a thong and classic briefs. It offers moderate coverage without sacrificing support and comfort. 

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3. Bridal Panties

Bridal panty

The bridal panty is specially designed for brides to wear on their wedding day. These panties are specially made using delicate fabrics like lace or silk and may feature intricate detailing such as embroidery or breading. Bridal panties come in various colours, and you can match them with your wedding dress. 

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4. Maternity Panties

During pregnancy and after childbirth, a woman’s body goes through significant changes. Maternity panties are specifically designed to accommodate a growing belly and provide extra support for the lower back. Additionally, maternity panties offer gentle compression and coverage for the healing process. 

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5. Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties feature an open or partially open crotch area. It allows easy access to intimate areas while retaining the aesthetic and alluring appeal of conventional lingerie. Moreover, you can wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. 

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6. Printed Panties

Printed panty

Printed panties feature a pattern or design on the fabric. It comes in a wide range of colours and designs, and you can use it as everyday wear. 

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7. Low-Rise Panties

As the name suggests, low-rise panties will sit low on the abdomen, while high-rise panties will sit somewhere near the waist, and moderate-rise panties will fall in between. 

8. No VPL Panty

No VPL panty

No VPL stands for “no visible panty lines” and is designed to be seamless under clothing. These No VPL panties lie flat against the skin, eliminating any unsightly lines or bulges. It is a great choice for those who want a sleek and polished look on their special day. 

9. Briefs

Briefs are the most popular choice of underwear. They provide full coverage and have a high waistline that sits at or above the belly button and covers the entire buttocks region. It is especially known for its comfortable fit and is suitable for everyday wear. It offers you support, breathability, stretch, and a smooth silhouette under clothing. 

10. High-Cut Briefs

High-cut briefs are also known as French-cut panties and are a popular choice for those who prefer vintage-inspired style. It has a high waistband that sits above the hips, offers full coverage at the back, and has high leg openings. It creates an elongated and flattering look. 

11. Plus-Size Panties

Plus Size panty

Plus-size panties are the best choice for women with fuller figures. It offers you more additional support and coverage and provides you with a secure and comfortable fit. 

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12. French-Cut Panties

French-cut panties are also known as high-cut panties. It has a higher waist than the classic brief and also features high-cut leg holes that rise above the widest part of the thigh. It is better for circulation than regular holes. If you prefer high-waist jeans, then French-cut panties will be your best underwear companion. 

13. Bikini

Bikini Panty

Bikini panties are the most popular and stylish choice among women who prefer a balance between coverage and style. They have a lower waistline compared to briefs and offer moderate coverage at the back. It can be worn with various outfits, especially under low-rise pants, which will be more comfortable and flattering. 

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14. Control Briefs

Control briefs are a type of panty girdle with a higher waist and longer legs. It can be normally worn to shape and lift the buttocks area while flattering the stomach area. 

15. Thongs

Thong Panty

For those who are seeking minimal coverage and want to avoid visible panty lines, thong panties are the go-to option. They have a narrow strip of fabric at the back, leaving the buttocks exposed. They usually come in G-string and V-string and are made from various materials, including satin and lace. You can choose according to your preferences and needs. 

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16. Tap Pants

Tap pants are also known as dance shorts or side-cut shorts. It is specifically designed for women and is similar to French Knickers in appearance. As the name suggests, it is a type of short, and it originated from shorts worn by tap dancers while practising their routines. It covers the pelvic area and the upper part of the upper legs. It can come in any material, like lace, silk, satin, polyester, rayon, and more. 

17. G-strings

It is very similar to thongs, with a small triangle of fabric at the front and a thin string at the back for support. It can be worn as the bottom part of a bikini, underwear, or as swimwear. 

18. V-String

The V-string looks like a G-string, but the V-string has lower coverage. A fabric that covers the genitals is held by a waistband, and another band goes under the body and is connected to the waistband. 

19. Lace Panty

Lace panty

Lace panties are one of the most popular choices for special occasions because they add a feminine touch to lingerie. It comes in various styles, including thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, and more, that add extra charm and sophistication. 

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20. Tanga

Tanga is a pair of briefs that are connected by strings. Its coverage is somewhere between a thong and a bikini—more coverage in a thong but narrower than in a bikini. It can be a good option for active tights, leggings, and especially as a swimming suit.  

21. Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are also known as A-Fronts, which are long in the leg and similar to boxer shorts but tight-fitting like briefs. It can be worn for sports as well as as everyday underwear. 

22. Boyshorts


Boyshorts panties have a low waistline and offer full coverage at the back, resembling shorts. It is a great choice for loungewear or sleepwear, or it can be worn under a skirt. It offers you a trendy, more comfortable, relaxed fit and offers a certain level of shape to your figure. Moreover, it is a cosy alternative to your traditional panties. 

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23. Brazilians

Brazillians are usually low-waisted and a mix of both hipster and thong. It gives you medium coverage and is suitable for a beach vacation. 

24. Hipsters

Hipster Panty

Hipsters are similar to briefs and every girl’s basics. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable panty style, with a lower waistband that sits on the hips and provides full coverage at the back as well as the sides. Hipster panties provide full coverage and are known for their comfortable and seamless fit. It is available in a variety of panty styles and is a great option during periods due to its comfortability.

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25. Granny Panties

People sometimes refer to classic briefs as granny panties because they were the standard undergarments in previous decades and worn by older women. The waistband sits high on the waist, and the leg holes will be small so that the underwear covers as much area between the waist and thigh as possible.

26. Seamless Panties

Its special design eliminates visible panty lines, making it a must-have choice for those who prefer a smooth and seamless look. Seamless panties are available in various styles, including briefs, bikinis, and thongs, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. 

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27. Tummy control

Tummy Tucker Shaping Panties

Target your lower abdomen with extreme tummy control panties that provide coverage for the whole torso, top to bottom. These panties flatten and shape your lower stomach, targeting that pesky area so you can dress with confidence.

types of panties for women

Why it is essential to have different types of women panties

Comfort Speaks

Wearing the same set of panties every day will lead to discomfort and irritation. Different styles are specially designed to cater to various body shapes, sizes, and preferences. For example, briefs provide full coverage and support, while thongs offer minimal coverage and reduce visible panty lines. By having a wide range of panties, you can choose the style that suits your comfort.

Hygiene Matters

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial for your health, and this includes your intimate areas. Wearing the same set of panties for a long period of time can create a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections. Changing different types of panties will allow your skin to breathe and reduce the risk of developing such infections. Fabrics with moisture-wicking properties will help keep you dry and prevent unpleasant odours. 

Fashion Needs

Aside from comfort and hygiene, having different types of panties allows you to express your personal style and match them with different outfits. Whether you prefer lacy ones for a touch of elegance or seamless panties for a sleek look, having a variety of styles ensures that you always have the perfect match for any occasion. 

FAQs on different types of panties

What type of underwear fabric should you choose?

Choosing the right fabric totally depends on your needs and preferences. But choose more natural materials because they’re more breathable, especially during the summer. 

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What is the most comfortable underwear for women?

The most comfortable underwear for women is cotton, as it is natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It is good for everyday use and best for summer and winter. 

What is the Most Popular type of Panties?

The most popular types of panties are bikinis, hipsters, and briefs.

Diversifying your panty collection brings numerous benefits, from comfort and hygiene to fashion and versatility. So, next time you are shopping for underwear, consider adding a variety of styles to your wardrobe. 

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