During pregnancy a lot of changes occur in the body, some are physical while others are hormonal. The changes are closely related; this is because with increased pregnancy hormones leads to physical changes. One of the areas that experience changes is the breasts. This is due to preparation for the arrival of the newborn.

If you have decided to breastfeed then you need to prepare yourself with a few different styles of nursing bras.

Due to the enlargement of breasts, a woman needs to switch from regular to pregnancy bras. When buying these bras, a lot of people experience difficulties and end up with the wrong bras.

Some of the aspects to look at shopping for these bras are support, coverage, adjustability, and comfort. When planning to buy, don’t panic, we have researched ideal bras for pregnant mothers. Find the best styles of maternity bras for pregnancy and how they should fit you.

What are the best nursing bra styles out there?

Front-open bras

Let’s start with the front open bra has a clasp on each cup that you can hook and un-hook to the gore. A padded front open bra is the one every new mum would prefer because milk production peaks post pregnancy so you’ll either need a bra that is padded or a bra that can hold nursing pad and help you absorb the leakage.

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Cross-over bras

Cross-over bra is otherwise known as a sleep bra. It’s an easy access bra for late night feedings. With the Criss-Cross feature and the cotton fabric, it’s extremely comfortable for you to sleep in. All you have to do is slip the fabric one to the side and voila you are ready to feed.


Drop-down bras

Drop-down bra usually has a clip at the shoulder. Unsnap from the side and flap down, when done feeding, you can re-hook it. These bras are also available with under-wire to provide that extra support. Breast tissues become tender as they grow during pregnancy so make sure they are comfortable enough to uphold the breast tissues and not hurting them.


Now let’s see how they should fit you.

It is recommended to get the measurements for the bra in 30-37 weeks. Keep in mind that your cup size may change so you want to find something that’s flexible from the beginning.

Make sure that your cup is loose enough that you can get one hand into the cup. If you grow after purchasing the bra, you’ll have at least up to one cup size growth room and remember you’re going to need to put nursing pads in there as well.

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If you choose to wear an underwired bra make sure that the underwire is contacting the ribs and not the tissue of your breast.

Another area you should pay attention to is the closure in the back. You should be able to fit the middle hook comfortably, that way you have space for either grow or shrink.

Keeping this in mind try out different styles of nursing bras according to your preference and convenience, whereas, comfort and support is the only key to finding a good nursing bra.

Happy Nursing!