Nursing Bra - Know the Different Terms and Feature

What Are the Other Names of Nursing Bra?

What Are the Other Names of Nursing Bra?

How many of you know that nursing bras have different names and the beauty is that for each name there is a unique feature. Most of the time people think that nursing bra, maternity bra, feeding bra are all the same. But there is a slight difference between each bra. Here we have enlisted the different names of nursing bras. 

Anatomy of Nursing Bra 

How does nursing bra works

Nursing bras – one of the most useful inventions in the world. Ida Rosenthal from Maidenform company was the first person to sell maternity bras. In the later year, William invented the maternity bras with different cup sizes and by the year 1942, Ida received a patent for adjustable fasteners in the maternity bra. And in the year 1943, Albert A. Glasser received the first patent for the maternity bra known as “Nursing Brasserie”

This bra is specially designed to provide extra support to lactating moms without removing the bra.  In the upcoming years, the maternity bras went under different innovations and patents which have been recognized under different bra terms according to one’s own preferences. The nursing bra also called as 

Nursing Bra Terms & Their Features

 Nursing Bra Features

Name of the BraHow it got its nameSignificant Feature/Speciality
Breastfeeding BraUsed by moms for easy breastfeedingRemovable clasps
Breast pump BraUsed by moms who pump and store breast milkAmple support/coverage
Feeding BraIt is the same as the breastfeeding bra to recognize it in a simpler way it is named a feeding braCushioned straps
Maternity BraUsed by moms during the stage of pregnancyComfortable support for your growing breasts
Nursing BraUsed by moms after the baby has arrived to aid with feedingFlexible & no hindrance to nursing
Pregnancy BraBoth the pregnancy bra and the maternity bras are the same. They are used by mom to be during their stage of pregnancyKeeps your breasts in shape
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