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Bura na mano holi hai! Holi is a celebration of love and happiness. Holi is one of the much-anticipated Indian festivals during which women like to dress up traditionally. Many…

Popular post Mar 17, 2022

Shyaway gives you a reason to spend the day at home without spoiling your mood. Gone are the days when women opted for one style of nightwear. Different types of…

Popular post Feb 17, 2022

Get your desired shape in your wedding dress with shapewear. Are you a bride-to-be? Congratulations on the most fascinating moment of your life. From engagement, Mehendi, Haldi to Wedding, the…

Popular post Jan 2, 2022

Christmas is the most loved season of the year and is popularly called the holiday season or festive season. From enjoying gifts and eating yummy foods to wearing stylish clothes,…

Popular post Nov 24, 2021

Are you planning to tie a knot this year? Planning for a perfect wedding can be quite stressful. From finding the perfect wedding outfit to finalizing the guest lists, there…

Popular post Nov 1, 2021

Choosing a bridal bra is more difficult than picking your wedding outfit. If you are looking for bridal bras, then you must head to Shyaway online store soon. Yes, we…

Popular post Oct 29, 2021

Are you tired of bra shopping guides? Skim through these 5 bra buying tips to choose bras for summer. You will be equipped to purchase bras in the summer. Decide…

Popular post Apr 19, 2021

Have you wondered how serene it would be to wake up like Bebo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? Well here is a chance to become your own favourite with an…

Popular post Apr 17, 2021

“Intimate hygiene” is one of the taboo topics which people find uncomfortable to speak about. Nearly 80% of women pay less attention to their intimate hygiene. Intimate hygiene is not…

Popular post Mar 12, 2021

If you are not sure what you should wear to prevent vaginal or yeast infection, this blog covers how to get rid of a yeast infection, and what to wear…

Popular post Jan 5, 2021
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